Tuesday, 17 July 2018

Birthday Kitties

Afternoon All,
There are plenty of people celebrating today, if my birthday planner is anything to go by.
Today marks the twins 11th birthday, and also their last week at school before they move up to Secondary School in September.
Where on earth did those years go to. We could really do with a little of the weather that we saw 11 years ago, although maybe the torrential rain we had might be a little excessive.
I remember walking down to the school pushing a buggy through a river of rainwater that came up over the top of Reece's wellington boots as he walked beside me to collect his big sister. We all had to jump in the shower when we got home absolutely soaked!!

For once their cards were waiting for them on the dining table before they left for school, which is nothing short of a miracle for me.
This card was actually made for a friend of mine to give to her sister. It uses an image from an old calender that came with a craft magazine many years ago. I have several of them in my stash, and I do love the fabulous cute kitty images designed by Margaret Sherry.
This is Saskia's card complete with a bit of Bargello background and a large die cut Happy Birthday.
I had a rather successful weekend completing several extra cards to add to my stash. I just love this cute kitty
And this one reminds me of some of the jumpers that my Aunt used to knit us as kids. 'It will be fine, you will grow into it lol'
It seems to be a little cooler here this afternoon although I'm not sure it's cool enough for anything strenuous and there is still no sign of that rain.
Have a great afternoon.
Happy crafting and hugs

Monday, 16 July 2018

Plenty of Peel-offs Part 2

Evening Everyone,
Sorry it has taken me so long to post this second lot of peel-off cards but this hot weather really is doing me in.
I never thought that I would look forward to a day at work, but at least with it comes 8 hours of air conditioning.
As I said in my last post I spent a bit of time using up some handmade background papers and peel-offs to create some Thank You cards.
Most of these cards use up some backgrounds created using dye based re-inkers and glossy card stock.
They do give some really bright backgrounds which will of course bleach out due to the dye based ink used.
I used rather more water on this one to give a softer finish.
They work just as well with leaves,
as they do with scenes
or flowers.
These last two use damp screwed up 'Bleeding Art Tissue' and glossy card stock
to create a lovely mottled background.
The newspapers are saying that the heatwave is due to come to an end in the next couple of days. I must admit that I would definitely relish a downpour, you might even find me standing out in it.
Have a good evening.
Hugs Kimx

Sunday, 8 July 2018

Plenty of Peel-offs

Evening everyone,
I can't believe how hot it still is here.
The lights in my room are a bit like the Blackpool illuminations. Perfect for crafting, but boy do they feel like they chuck out some heat. Not very good in this current climate so I have tried to manage without switching them on today. It is turning into a bit of a challenge now, so it is definitely time to call it a night.
It is getting very close to the end of the school year and with that comes the Teacher Thank you cards.
I made quite a few last year, which I never got around to posting on the blog, so that seems a good place to start.
We had a fabulous class one Saturday which made use of handmade background papers and peel-offs.
So I used up quite a few bits and pieces to create these cards.
Some of the backgrounds use Glimmer Mist sprays and cling film which give a beautiful subtle shimmer,
and others use much brighter background created using glossy card stock and reinkers.
I have used bleach on all of them to paint parts of the main images.
The background to most of the cards has been created by using a large stamped sentiment and pale blue/grey ink.
On this card I added the peel-off direct to the card and coloured the image in using Sparkle pens.
Most of the cards got used up during the year so I will have to make some more for this year, but not tonight cause I can't see what I'm doing lol.
Happy Sunday
Hugs Kimx

Saturday, 7 July 2018

A Few More 3 in a Box

Evening Everyone,
Have you started to cool down yet?
We had a wonderful, if incredibly hot, afternoon of play at Davina's today. Every fan in the house was focused on the conservatory where we play but we were still roasting.
Never mind we will be complaining that it is too cold all too soon.
As I mentioned before I really love this 3 in a Box stamp designed by Jane Gill.
 This card was made for a 70th birthday and uses a piece of handmade background from my stash.
I painted the flowers with bleach and added gilding wax to the embossed paper background.
 This slightly less elaborate card was also made using a piece of handmade background paper.
 This time it uses Pixie Powders.
Once again I used bleach to paint the flowers. 
I added some glossy accents and a border using the sentiment from the stamp set and some hand drawn lines.
This card also uses a piece of Pixie powder background, and some paper from my stash.
Another piece of Pixie Powder background and a piece from one of Phil Martin's paper pads.
 Just before you think I can only work in blue here is a final card made using a piece of mop up paper.
I added a little bit of zentangle to the frame on this one.
I hope that this all makes sense as I am trying to work on the computer without turning on the light in my room so as to avoid the hoards of flying things that seem to come through the open window.
I daren't close it or I will boil so it's hurt my eyes or be bombarded by moths. Those that know me will know where they stand in my estimation lol.
Have a good night..
Hugs Kimx

Thursday, 5 July 2018

The nearest I get to the football

Evening Everyone,
There hasn't been much else to read in the 'comic', as we refer to The Sun newspaper in my house, unless of course you are into the football, which clearly I am not.
In fact the nearest I get to the footie is this card made for a friend to give her football playing Grandson.
The background has been created with a fabulous Happy Birthday die and some black and white hexagons.
 I have several of these fabulous teenage boy toppers which I fussy cut to create these cards.
 The background to this one was created using an embossing folder and distress inks.
 This card uses a cogs stencil this time which I ran through an embossing machine
 and then coloured with distress inks.
Having laid the stencil back in place I added some glitz with a little Sparkle Medium from Imagination Crafts and Cut n Dry felt..
An early night for me I think, this heat really is getting to me. Everything is such an effort.
Maybe a cool shower first will help me sleep. I jolly well hope so.
Enjoy the rest of your evening.
Hugs Kimx

Tuesday, 3 July 2018

Three in a Box x 3

Evening everyone,
Me again! Two nights running, that hasn't happened in a very long time lol.
I had a rather busy weekend, what with teaching on Saturday and then completing a couple more commissions on Sunday.
 This card was made at the request of a friend for her daughter.
 I am given plenty of scope to play, with very few, if any requests this time,
just that the card was for Chrisy.
Having completed my homework I decided that I would finish off another couple of panels that were left over from a previous play session with this fabulous 'Three in a box' stamp designed by Jane Gill.
I love this particular stamp set, it is so versatile
and works over any type of background.
I added a bit of zentangle, white pen and glossy accents to this one.
I'm afraid that I haven't managed my walk this evening. It was just too hot. I'm really hoping that the customer that told me we are due for some rain tomorrow is correct, we could really do with it, and I really do need to get back to the gym. It's boxersise and fitball tomorrow evening which is always great fun, but very hard work even without the heat
Happy Crafting and hugs

Monday, 2 July 2018

A New Home with LOTV

Hello Everyone,.
Did you miss me?
Here we go again I hear you say. I keep apologising for my absence, hope to do better and then disappear for weeks at a time. I sound like a broken record!!
Seriously though, where is this year going? It doesn't seem five minutes ago that it was New Years day and now we are already days past the longest day of the year, hurtling towards Christmas once again.
While we are on that subject, one of the numerous reasons behind my absence from Blogland has been the making of said Christmas cards.
I am a very lucky lady because I get to make samples for Creative Expressions using some of the  latest stamp designs from Jane Gill.
There was a particularly tight turn round this time, so coupled with two TV shows to prep samples for, helping my daughter move into her new house, holding down a full time job and trying to get to the gym you will perhaps understand why something had to give.

I have always loved LOTV, I have a rather large collection of them, and was extremely saddened to hear them announce that they would no longer be manufacturing their rubber stamps.
Although I have never been a fan of digi images, they involve technology which you know I am not good with, I have recently purchased some pre-coloured digi images to add to my stash just because they were so darned cute, and I'm a sucker for a bargain.

They definitely came into there own this weekend when a friend came to me on Friday and asked if there was any chance that I could make them a New Home card over the next couple of days.
Now you know that I love stamping and embossing, but nothing beats a fabulous image coloured in by an expert when time is of the essence.
I used several dies and an embossing folder to mirror elements from the image, which makes it perfect for the new challenge that started today over at CCM where we are asking for your creations using two or more punches or dies.
I had great fun making the card, so much so that I decided to make a couple more for my stash.
As I said Becki moved a few weeks ago and so one of these is destined for her mantelpiece.
I hope that I will be forgiven for how late this is given that I have been helping out with the little ones as well.
I noticed that LOTV were actually on Hochanda today with a collection of rubber stamps, so perhaps I wasn't the only one to be upset by them stopping production of rubber stamps.
I hope that you have a good evening. I have failed miserably with the gym just lately as it has been too hot, although I have tried to go out for a walk later in the evening when it has cooled down a bit.
Happy Crafting and hugs,