Sunday 11 September 2022

Jane's Sunflower Rays


As you know from yesterday, I got given a beautiful bunch of Autumn flowers by my colleagues when I retired from work on Friday.

By happy coincidence one of the stunning new floral stamps from Jane Gill's latest collection for Woodware at Creative Expressions, is this large Sunflower.
My flowers immediately reminded me of this card that I had made for the release.
I stamped, embossed, coloured and fussy cut the large floral image and layered it over a white frame cut using a Sue Wilson die set.
The background to the card has been created using a stencil and stencil paste and some ink sprays.

A reminder of my beautiful bouquet.
I hope that you have a good evening.
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Love and Crafty Hugs

Saturday 10 September 2022

The End of An Era


It had been a very strange couple of days. 

Who knew when I made the decision to retire, that my last day at work would be the day after our Queen died having given us 70 years of dedicated service.

I have found myself very emotional, for all sorts of reasons. I gave up on trying to look at the newspapers until I was safely on my own as the tears began to flow.

My colleagues sent me off on my retirement with flowers and prezzies,
 including a picture frame created by one of the wives.
There was also a bag filled with bath goodies so that I can learn to relax, and an amazon voucher which will come in very handy, along with a generous gift from my Boss.
I had several cards and presents from customers, including a card with a tenner inside from our Biffa man along with a message to 'Have a Drink on Him'.
My last act as a BP employee was to help one of our regular disabled customers. 
I always take her shopping to the car for her, or get one of the boys to do it if I can't get off the till. But when I saw her enter the shop ten minutes before my shift ended I went over to her and told her of my intension to be her 'Personal Shopper'. We then waited in the queue along with several other regulars who all congratulated me on my retirement.
All in all a wonderful end to 20 years of service.
Not a patch on her Majesty I know, but I tried to do my bit.
I am now looking forward to the next phase in my life. I am going to move in with my Mum to give her some extra support. At 92 I think that she deserves a little looking after. It's my turn to return the care that she has lavished on me over the years.
I am also looking forward to being able to craft without the need to watch the clock and get a reasonably early night.
I have deleted all the stupid 2, 3 and 4 o'clock alarms on my phone, although my first week day of retirement will need an early wakeup call since I have a 8.45am dental appointment!!
We had a nice relaxing crafty class today, where I was greeted with Happy Retirement balloons and even special celebratory toilet paper.

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Love and Crafty Hugs

Thursday 8 September 2022

Day 8 Creative Expressions Spooktember Challenge - Inky Terror(s)


It's Day 8 of the Spooktember Challenge over at Creative Expressions Official Facebook Page, and the prompt is Inky Terror, or in this case Terrors lol.

I love this fabulous floral image from Jane Gill and I teamed it with a picture of a couple of Halloween Terrors, my youngest Granddaughters Emma and Chloe.
I'm not sure that they are very inky,  but they are certainly terrors on occasions.
I used inks to paint the rose, and did a little bit of partial die cutting to create the aperture for my picture. 
You can't have Halloween without a spider, and this stamp has a beauty as part of it. I have to say that it is the only way that I cope with spiders......stamped images only lol.
Hope that you will join us for todays challenge.
Thanks for stopping by.
Love and Crafty Hugs

Monday 5 September 2022

It's the Final Countdown


One of the reasons for my absence from blogland over the past few months has been a brush with depression.

I have weathered all the major milestones in my life, with barely a backward glance....... 20, 30, 40, 50, even 60. But this year I have reached pension age, and it has completely knocked me for six. I went into total meltdown. Everything got on top of me, particularly work. And then I made a decision......I am going to retire. I've been at the BP for 20 years now, and I am so done. 

So this Friday will be my last day.

My youngest Grandaughter Chloe started school today so I am here helping out for a few days. She has had a chart on the fridge where she has been counting down the days, and so I have followed her lead and printed one for myself. It is very satisfying crossing off the days, especially when you realize that with the few days holiday that I am taking, there are only TWO DAYS LEFT!!

I quite thought that I would be working for ever, but I am going to live with my Mum, who at 92 deserves a bit of looking after. It also means that I get to have a complete reorganization and sort out of all my crafty STABLE (Stuff  Accumulated Beyond Life Expectancy)

It is going to take a little while to get all my stuff over there, but I have the advantage of being able to do it gradually and have a real sort out.

As for how much I actually get rid of, I'm sure that will be another matter, and I bet that I find loads of things that I had completely forgotten about, but it will be wonderful to finally be able to get to everything.

I can see that my Dymo will be working overtime.

I have brought all of my clear stamps to my daughters to sort out, and boy are there loads of them!! Boxes and boxes full. That is the thing with having been crafting for nearly 25 accumulate LOADS of stuff.

It was Chloe's first day at school today, or should I say couple of hours. She looks soooooo like her sister in the obligatory 'First day at School' photo.
On Emma's first day I took a photo of her with Mum and Dad walking in front of me hand in hand. Unfortunately it was Mummy's first day at school too, and Daddy had to work so Chloe had her photo taken on her own.
Mummy has just started as a TA (Teaching Assistant) at the same school as the Girls, so they let her meet Chloe in the classroom and see her in which was so sweet of them. It meant that Mummy didn't miss out on those first moments of the school day.
She did get a bit mixed up though, since my afternoon trip to the coffee shop, as planned, turned into a stay and play session. Not that I minded at all, it was lovely to be able to stay with Chloe.
There were lots of things to do, including colouring, one of Chloe's favourite things.
She insisted that this stay with her teacher, so I took a picture of it for Mummy so that she didn't miss out. I think that Mummy has moved down the pecking order for pictures now that Mrs Day has come on the scene. The children all love her, and she knows Chloe as Emma had her in her first year at school.
The house is all quiet now that everyone is in bed so I think that I will make the most of it and head up myself.
I would say that we get to do it all again tomorrow, but Chloe isn't back to school until Thursday!
This easing them in seems very long winded, especially since most of the kids have been going to Nursery full time for the last year at least. Oh well never mind I get to spend the day with her tomorrow, so I'm sure that we can find some things to occupy us.
Thanks for stopping by,
Love and Crafty Hugs 

Sunday 4 September 2022

Creative Expressions Spooktember Challenge Day 4 - Sugar Skulls


Another reminder from me that todays prompt over at Creative Expressions Spooktember challenge is SUGAR SKULLS.

I'm afraid once again this is work done by my wonderful DT mates.

Sending Crafty Hugs


Saturday 3 September 2022

Day 3 at Creative Expressions Spooktember Challenge - Blood Red


It's Day 3 of the Creative Expressions Spooktember Challenge, and todays prompt is BLOOD RED.


 Unfortunately I haven't got anything of mine to share tonight, so here are a couple of samples made by one of the other DT members.

I hope that you have had a good Saturday. 

Thanks for stopping by,

Crafty Hugs 


Friday 2 September 2022

Haunted House At Creative Expressions


We have a new challenge over at Creative Expressions Official Face Book Group. It's day 2 of the Spooktember 30 day challenge, and the prompt for today is HAUNTED HOUSE.

Jane has some fabulous new Halloween inspired designs, and once again I was lucky enough to get to play with them
I love this design with the rose and the spooky Haunted House.
It is JGS838 Moon and Rose and I have been a little creative with the original design.

I stamped and embossed it onto white card and then die cut the house and moon part of the stamp with a circular die and placed it onto a handmade background created using a stencil, paste and ink sprays.
I added the floral part of the image, stamped embossed, coloured and fussy cut along with the leaves left over from the original image that I die cut for the house.
I added a second rose image using 3D foam tape for added dimension.
I hope that you have been able to join us today, and share your stunning creations.
Tomorrows prompt is BLOOD RED.
Thanks for stopping by

Love and Crafty Hugs

Thursday 1 September 2022

Spooktember 30 day Challenge

Evening Everyone

We have a challenge for you this month over at the Creative Expressions Official Facebook Group.

Boo! We're running a Spooktember 30 day challenge over on our Creative Expressions Official Facebook Group!
We’ll be posting a daily prompt each morning starting TODAY. Our day 1 prompt is Trick or Treat, check out this inspiration from our fabulous design team to get your creative juices flowing! 🎃
Join our group to get involved and post your own creations for us all to enjoy 👻
You can browse our Brand New Halloween Collection on our website, so let’s get spooky!

I know that I am a bit late in the day to let you know about todays challenge, but the day seems to have run away from me.
I will try and do better tomorrow, but as I am taking the kids out for the day so that Mummy can start her first day at her new job, it may not happen lol.

So just a reminder that tomorrow is HAUNTED HOUSE is the challenge for tomorrow.

Thanks for stopping by.
Love and Crafty hugs