Monday, 31 October 2022

Happy Halloween


Long time no see, but it's been a strange few weeks, where things have not exactly gone to plan.

As you know I retired from the BP garage at the beginning of September to move in with my Mum and help her out a little. Well, that turned into 'Help her out a lot' when she fell over and fractured her pelvis.

The best laid plans and all that!! My move where I would be able to sort through things before I went, turned into a 'We've managed to get a van' so let's throw things into whatever bags and boxes we could lay our hands on!!!!!!! 

I am still wading through things, and if I'm honest I have hit a bit of sorting brick wall, but at least I have a lovely tidy bedroom/Craft room, so I have finally been able to get back to some crafting which has always been my sanity.

Mum is definitely on the mend, although it is a slow old process at 92. In fact this weekend I managed to get away to my youngest daughters for a much-needed break. A weekend of small children and Trick or Treating, what could be better.

This year Creative Expressions released some fabulous Halloween stamps designed by my friend Jane Gill.
As usual I made samples, only this time I tried my hand at my first ever Scrapbook page.
Becki loves Halloween, and goes all out with decorating the house, so I used some pictures of that for my page.
The background was created with gold embossing powder and various stamped images,
along with some gold mica sprays.
We took loads of pictures again this weekend, so perhaps I will try my hand at another keep for me this time!!

So that my crafty friends is why I have been missing from blogland for a while.
I am hoping that things will gradually start to get back to normal.. if there is such a thing, and that I will be able to share some cards with you. In the meantime I can only apologize if I have missed your special day, and I will try to do better in the future.

Thanks for sticking with me and stopping by to visit.
With love and crafty hugs