Friday 24 December 2010

Happy Christmas to You All

Evening Everyone
Just one last Christmas card to wish you all a very Happy Christmas.
Thank you for following me through out the year and for all your lovely comments.
I hope you all have a wonderful day tomorrow in the company of your family and friends.
And here's to a fantastic New Year for us all.
With love and best wishes to you all.

Wednesday 22 December 2010

We Three Kings

Evening Everyone
I'm fed up with being in bed shivering, so I thought that I would share a card that I had to make for Beverley at work before we all got lost under several inches of snow.
Getting it to her has been a bit of an issue since she has been on holiday. In fact I'm not even sure that she has been able to pick it up from a mutual friend yet, but at least I got it made in time.
She wanted a traditional image since it is for her Pastor but does like the easel cards and flowers that I have made for her in the past so I hope that it fits the bill.
That's enough sitting up for the moment. The doctor has given me antibiotics as the cough has gone on for so long so I will have to venture out tomorrow to fill the prescription.
Have a good evening, I'm off to my bed again - bored with this now, just like the snow lol.
Love and hugs

Holly berries

Hi All
I don't know what the weather is like in your neck of the woods, but we still have several inches of snow here. I have to say that I am very bored with it now.
I have had a persistent cough for the last few weeks, since we had the first lot of snow. It has now got so bad that I am writing this in bed when I should really be at work. I can barely stand up and am shivering all the time even though the house is lovely and warm. In fact I am off to the doctors this afternoon. Those of you that know me will know that it has to be bad for me to do that - I don't do doctors or pills.
Anyway that's enough about me. Here are a few more of the Christmas cards that I made this year.
They are all made with some bits from my sticky embossing folder. These were bits from a class that I taught many years ago so I'm afraid I have absolutely no idea of what the stamp is, I just know that I really like it.
This Martha Stewart punch has to be one of my favourites for Christmas cards as well. The greetings are Hobby Art.
I have cut around the main image on this one and mounted it over another piece of blue card stock. I've also added my trusty Magnolia swirl stamp in the background.
This one also has the Magnolia swirl in the background.
I'm afraid the photos are not the best but with all the snow its difficult to take them outside so I have had to use the Christmas tree as a background instead.
Just a quick post, I have to lie down again!!!
Hope you are all well
Love and hugs

Sunday 12 December 2010

Some more Christmas cards

Afternoon All
I am having a little break from writing the Christmas cards while we watch a couple of episodes of Merlin with the kids.
It has become a bit of a Sunday tradition.
It's a good job Christmas viewing is coming up cause I'm not sure what we will watch when we have finished these last few episodes.
These are a few more of the cards that I am sending out this year. They all have a Hero Art stamp as the main element on them. This one also has a Penny Black holly leaf stamp as the background on the main card. Nesties, Pearlex, sticky embossing and foil have also been used.
This card also uses Pearlex, both dry and watercolour, sticky embossing powder and foils. It also incorporates a Penny Black border stamp and my favourite Magnolia swirl.
This one uses the same main image but has a section from a large background stamp as the greeting on it. I have also used one of my Martha Stewart punches.
This last card uses gold, silver and copper embossing powder on both the main panel and the Penny Black holly background.
I had better get back to writing the Christmas cards now.
Hope you have a good afternoon.
Love and hugs

Saturday 11 December 2010

Some nice spring flowers.......

Afternoon Everyone,
I thought that you might like to see some nice spring flowers to remind us of whats to come, albeit a little way off, and to combat all this cold weather that we are having.
 The cards were made for Jenny over at Hobby Art to take on the TV for her last show. The stamp sets were all designed by my good friend Anna, and I for one think that they are stunning. I can see them cropping up in classes quite a lot next year.
This first card uses the 'Just for You' set from the Anna's collection.
The background is made using the Faux Mother of Pearl technique, which I will be teaching at Davina's in the New Year since my last class was cancelled due to all the snow.
It is a favourite technique of mine at the moment, which you may have gathered lol.
This second card uses one of the other sets from the show Special Wishes, also from the Anna's collection. They are both very useful sets I think you will agree.
Now I suppose I really must get back to writing some more Christmas cards, I do hate this bit. I like making them, but hate having to spend all this time writing them.
Have a good weekend.
Love and hugs

Thursday 9 December 2010

A few more Christmas cards

Hi Guys,
 Just a quick post with pictures of a couple more cards that I have made using pearlex and sticky embossing powder. Once again I have used up some more of the half made items in my 'bits box'.
 The one problem with using these bits is that I have no idea of codes or anything to let you know what I have used. I'm not sure that I can even be truly accurate over the stamp company so perhaps it's best not to even try.
I have been so cold at work at the moment that by the time I get home I just want to curl up with a hot water bottle and hibernate. I just hope that we don't get more of the same like they are predicting, I'm bored with snow now lol.
Have a good evening, I'm going back to my hibernation.
Keep safe and warm.
Love Kimx

Sunday 5 December 2010

Are you watching?

Good Afternoon Everyone, I hope you are all nice and warm where you are. I also hope that you are watching Barbara on Create and Craft, channel 671.
As you can see I managed to make quite a few cards for her, which is just as well since there were major problems with her getting then due to the snow.
I thought this tree scene seemed an obvious choice for me to share with you given that it is still very wintery white outside. The colour has actually been sponged on, not brayered as they said on the show.

This card also uses the pheasant stamp to give a more Autumnal feel. I have used the Martha Stewart border punch that I bought on my last visit to Sir Stampalot on both cards. I thought that it would be perfect for men's cards and it goes so well with the trees on these cards.
Hope you are enjoying the show.
I had better get back to stamping the greetings inside my Christmas cards.
Have a great day.
Keep safe and warm
Love Kimx

Saturday 4 December 2010

3rd posting today!!

Evening Everyone,
Why is it that every year I swear that I am not going to leave finishing off all the Christmas until the last minute, and here I am once again in the same situation.
 I have spent the hours since my last post making inserts, and in some cases envelopes, for approx 80 cards. Thats how many I found in my drawer that are any where near ready to be sent this year.
 I will have to spend tomorrow stamping the greetings inside them all but I guess it is at least a start.

I text Anna earlier and we have agreed that we MUST get together more frequently next year to finish off some Christmas cards or we will be in exactly the same situation once again. She had even admitted that she may just go out and buy a box.....naughty girl.

 Anyway I felt sure that you might like to see a few more of the cards that I will be posting...if I ever get around to writing them that is.

I have chosen several different examples using this tree stamp, I think it is by Art Impressions. They are all made using sticky embossing powder and Pearlex.
I hope that you like them.
I had better sign off now I have a load more cards to finish off tomorrow.
Sleep well
Love and hugs

Are you having a good time?

Hi Guys
I hope that you have all had a great time at Sir Stampalot today.
As promised I have spent the afternoon making a card using the Faux background technique that I was going to share with you all at the Demo day.
 I'm afraid that the pictures don't do the card justice, it has been made using the  Christmas Star 4104K which has to be one of my favourite Christmas Penny Black stamps this year.
The greeting is from a clear set designed by Paula Pascual  All Year Round PPCSA6007.
The background to the Poinsettia has been sponged with distress ink and then the main image has been painted using the distress reinkers for a richer colour. The photo has made it look patchy rather than shimmery so I do apologize for that.
I am now covered in red ink so I am going to have another break and a nice hot shower before I try to finish some more Christmas cards.
I haven't written any yet, in fact I'm not even sure how many I have got finished at all so far. As I have over 100 to send I had better get to it.
Keep safe and warm
Love Kimx

Sir Stampalot Ultimate Demo Day

Hi Guys
I do hope that you are all having a wonderful time over at Sir Stampalot 3rd Ultimate Stamping Demo Day.
I am sooooooo sorry not to be there.
Although it seems to have stopped snowing at the moment it is very icy under foot and so I am now into my fourth day confined to barracks - I'm starting to get a little stir crazy but I'm also terrified of falling over so I think it will be another day inside for me.
I always take a pile of cards with me when I go to Janice and Andy's for Nick to photograph and so the first card that I am sharing today is one of those.
I have tried to be good over the last couple of weeks and use up some of the bits and pieces that are left over from previous classes and so this was made after a sticky embossing class.
The long swirl panel uses a Penny Black stamp and the main holly leaf is an old Hero Arts stamp.
My favourite Magnolia swirl stamp also found its way on to this as well.
I spent yesterday making samples for Jenny from Hobby Art and she is on her way to me as we speak. Anna, who also makes samples for her, and actually designed the stamp sets that are to appearing on Monday, lives just a little way from me. We are awaiting a phone call from Jenny to say that she has made it to the garage so that we can meet her there with our samples.
This is a favourite pick up point at the moment as most of the side roads are up hills, in fact my Granddaughter has just had to meet her Grandad there so that he can take her to do some Christmas shopping. She is such a fussy Miss when it comes to clothes that it is easier to take her to choose her own prezzies - it saves on all the returns lol.
I will get back to my craft table now and see if I can make a new sample to share with you later.
Have a great day.
Love and hugs

Wednesday 1 December 2010

Snow, snow and more snow!!

Well Girls,
This post was to have been written from the comfort of my demo table at Sir Stampalot, but who knew that the south of England was going to come to a standstill due to a little bit of snow lol.
When I went to work at 6am yesterday morning my intention had been, on my return at 2pm, to finish my cards for Barbara's TV show on Sunday, pack my case for my journey today, and hopefully come up with some samples for Jenny's show on Monday.
Nearly 18 hours later, I kid you not I left work at 11.30PM, working on card samples was the last thing on my mind.
Yes my shift at the garage took on marathon proportions when none of the staff could get in to work due to the movement of traffic, or should that be lack of movement.
We are situated only about 5 miles from junction 6 of the M25 that well know car park. Sorry guys English in joke. Well yesterday you could walk quicker than the traffic was moving, even given the depth of the snow. People were coming in with all sorts of horror stories about the length of time that they had been in the car. 8 hours to get from Croydon, a journey that might take an hour on a really bad day!!!!
So as you may well imagine, much as I love my trips to Peterboro, there is no way that I was even going to attempt to get there today, even if we could have dug the car out lol. Becki's car is the 2nd from the right!!!
 So as I haven't made it up there yet I will just have to share a couple of cards that I made on my last visit.
This one uses a Penny Black stamp Joyeux Noel 3989K. I do like this one but have covered the French with a more traditional English greeting.
The backgrounds have been made using inks and pearlex and a Magnolia Holly Swirl X9839J. The large flower is also from Magnolia and matched the background beautifully I thought.
This second card also uses a Penny Black stamp Christmas Text 4115K. Here I have just used a combination of background papers and ribbons available in the store.
The finishing touch is a little glitter glue and the good old 700 pen.
I do hope that I will be able to make it up to the demo day on Saturday, but I think that it will probably be on the train, and I will not try and travel until Friday.
I was supposed to have been at work today, but after my stint yesterday I felt I had done my bit so I have spent the day helping out with the youngest two grandchildren. Saskia is not keen on the snow except to look at through the window and so while the girls did their good Samaritan bit for the old ladies round the corner from us, I stayed in the warm with the children. It's a hard job but somebody has to do it he he.
I must admit that the snow does look beautiful when it comes down like this, but I am also very glad that I don't have to go out in it at the moment.
So I hope that you are all tucked up safely in front of a nice roaring fire as you read this. I must get back to my card samples. Fortunately I had already arranged for Barbara to collect the samples from me. It's a good job that her man has a Land rover so that this little flurry of snow should present no obstacles.
Keep Safe
Love and Hugs

Sunday 28 November 2010

So much to share.

So much to share and so little time.
I cant believe that at one stage I was posting every day, now it seems to be about once  month, if that.
I have drafted several  posts as I have been standing at the till - not while I'm serving I hasten to add, although ideas do suddenly pop into my head. The trouble is that when I get home I never seem to find the time to actually type them up, and then the moment has passed and its back to square one lol.
Perhaps I will just have to post pictures and not write anything so that I can share all the cards that I have made recently.
It is lovely to think that my absence from Blogland has been noticed. Only yesterday I was at Lavender Lane teaching two classes - Faux Mother of Pearl backgrounds and Handmade flowers. Both classes appeared popular, in fact it is about the fourth time that we have done the handmade flower class. During each class I had at least one anxious lady note that they had been checking my blog daily and were concerned to see that I had not been posting - was I OK. How lovely to be missed. So here for you girls are two of the cards that we made in the morning.
I found the idea for the background on the Splitcoast Stampers website. It is just fantastic for ideas, so do check it out.
I always try to make sure that the ladies on the class can buy the items that we use in the store afterwards if they want to, and so as pearl acrylic paint was not sold I improvised with glue mixed with mica accent powders. The background on this first card has been made by applying glue to black glossy card stock using cling film. Please check out the Splitcoast Stampers tutorial for step by step instructions.
Once the glue had dried I then applied dry mica accent powders to it before stamping and embossing the poppy image on top. This was then coloured using the accent powders which had this time been turned into a paint.
This second card uses white card stock for the main panel and then when the glue has dried dye based inks has been sponged across it before the stamped and embossed image has been added. The image has then been painted using the same dye based inks.
The cards are very similar because for once I decided to restrict the number of stamps that the girls could play with.
The poppy is a design from Hobby Art Poppies FL1120LD.
Jenny gave it to me to make samples for her last TV show at the beginning of November, and I felt that it fitted the class perfectly.
I will try and post some more of the card samples using this stamp but for now I must get back to work.
I have samples to make for Barbara for her show next Sunday, and Jenny will be on the box the day after so it is busy busy.
I have been having a short break while I watch some episodes of Merlin with the grandchildren, but as I will be travelling to Peterboro again on Wednesday and the samples must be delivered before I go I fear that must get back to my desk.
I hope that you have had a good weekend with your families.
Love and hugs

Tuesday 2 November 2010

Another Early Night?

Evening Everyone
Why is it that you always feel more tired for getting an early night than you do if you stay up really late???
We actually managed to get away from the unit by about 9.00pm yesterday. Believe me that is quite some achievement, we usually don't leave till gone midnight.
So after some food and an episode of Bones I got to bed about 11pm. Up again at 6am, as usual and Janice and I both fell asleep on the sofa while we waited for Andy to get out of the bath lol.
I have had another successful day of play. Unfortunately for you guys much of what I have made will have to stay under wraps for a while.
Barbara's parcel arrived before I came up here so I brought it with me to work on, but of course I can't share that until the program airs on the 14th of this month.
 I have been playing with the new Penny Black poinsettia stamp again. Confusingly it is called Christmas Star 4104K.

Once again I have used one of my Nestabilities to cut out part of the image, and then a small square punch to use up the left overs - we crafters waste nothing do we lol.
 The greeting uses part of one of the stamps from Woodware's Christmas Labels FRCL175.
I made a second card for the shop, although it is not exactly the same. I don't like to make the same card twice so there is usually some sort of variation, even if it is only minor.
The class that was on at the shop has just finished so with a bit of luck we might get another reasonably early night. We've had dinner, aren't slow cookers brilliant, so its home to watch another episode of Bones and then bed.
I am off to the NEC tomorrow afternoon to help Julia (Simply Stamps) set up her stand. I am staying so that I can help her on the Thursday and then its back to my holiday. It will at least give me a bit of pocket money to help pay for my large box of goodies here in Peterboro.
I am also acting as courier for Janice and Andy. They have some Molly Blooms stamps to get to one of the stallholders at the NEC so I am going to take them up for them in my suitcase. That means it will be empty coming home, better not look round or it might get filled up again!!
Must close now I can see Janice closing down the till.
Love and hugs

Sunday 31 October 2010

I'm on holiday, yeaaaaaah................

Yippee, it's here at last, my holiday in Peterboro.
I'm staying with Janice and Andy at Sir Stampalot. I don't do holidays as such, a week on a beach is my idea of hell, but I do so look forward to my little breaks here.
The guys set me up a table in the store, and I sit and play. There are usually a few challenges awaiting me, and I often end up doing an impromptu demo when customers ask questions about something in the shop, but it is the least I can do to help out.
I'm also in charge of getting us up early in the morning and making sure that everyone is fed and watered.
I try and help out where I can, and tend to be go-fer when it comes to running upstairs to get stuff from the warehouse. I wish I could say that it helps to keep me fit, but the reality is that a week where the nearest I get to exercise is choosing a new piece of paper or card from the racks has a rather nasty effect on the waist line. Still, there is always next week for the diet to begin, for now I will just continue to enjoy a little bit of crafting heaven.
As you can see from the picture above I am nicely set up and have spent the day making a couple of cards using some of the left over bits from the Pearlex part 2 class that I taught on Wednesday evening.
The background has been made using metallic cats eyes and powdered Pearlex. I have then stamped and embossed using an old Penny Black holly stamp.
The square panel has been cut from another newer Penny Black Poinsettia stamp and coloured using distress inks.
I felt mean sitting in the shop making a card that I would then take home with me, so I ended up making a similar one for the shop. I didn't have my Pearlex powders with me, but Janice has got Cosmic shimmers so I used those instead.
The holly stamp this time is from the new Tilda Christmas collection.
One of the major advantages there is to sitting in the store is that I can always find just the right thing to finish off the card that I am working on - not so good on the wallet though!!
Of course one of the first things that I did when I arrived last night was to have a good look around the store and there have been numerous items that have found their way into my shopping basket, or should that be box lol. The guys have set aside a section of the store for some bargains, and lets face it we are all drawn towards them.
I had better sign off now as we are planning another early start, at least we get an extra hour in bed with the clocks going back.
If I'm lucky I might get to blog again tomorrow, I have another card finished ready so who knows lol
Enjoy your lie in.
Love and hugs

Friday 22 October 2010

Holly and Mistletoe

Afternoon Everyone
Well so much for getting back into the blogging, I haven't been able to wrestle the laptop off the kids lol.
In fairness that's not strictly true, but I have been so tired with these 5am starts that blogging has been the last thing on my mind. I've even had to come home and grab a granny nap which means that by the time I wake up the kids are using the computer for their homework and then I have to try and get an early night. It really does seem such a waste of an afternoon and evening.
I have managed to get some Christmas cards made though.
I have been playing with the new Hobby Art Christmas set CS022D Christmas Elements. This has to be quite my favourite stamp set so far I think.
You may have seen some of my samples on Jenny's TV show on Tuesday. Had I been a better blogger I would have let you know before the event wouldn't I!!
This is one of the cards that I made for my Pearlex class last Wednesday.
I painted the mistletoe using the new Vintage palette and then cut them out. They looked too flat positioned around the blue oval, so I stamped and painted the holly onto a piece of white card stock before attaching the trimmed mistletoe using silicon glue. The stitched border just finishes everything off.
I loaned all my art work to Jenny for the show and I haven't got it back yet.. In fact she phoned me this very afternoon to ask if she could post a couple of samples on her blog. I will check out which ones she has posted before I share any more with you.
You never know I might even get to post again over the weekend. It's half term now so hopefully there won't be too much homework to do so I might get to see the laptop lol.
Hope you have a good evening. I get to go to bed late tonight - if I can stay awake that is - as I don't have work tomorrow. And a lie in, how wonderful!!
Love and hugs