Wednesday 30 June 2010

Did you do your homework?

Evening All
Just a really quick post tonight as I am about to head out to teach at Davina's so there is no time.
I meant to post earlier but when I got back from dropping off the Christmas cards to Barbara my Granddaughter needed the laptop to finish her homework, and you know how it goes 5 mins leads into 2 hours and here we are waiting for my lift lol.

Anyway I thought I would share one of the cards that the girls will be making tonight to fill their Stationery Wallet.
I wonder if they all did their homework? Time got away with us last week and so they all decided that they would make sure that they had decorated the outside of their boxes at home so that all they had to do tonight was make all the cards and tags to go inside. Still a bit of a challenge but I will make sure that they go home with all that they need if they don't manage to finish it all tonight.

I have been getting some lovely comments on the blog. As you may know I am Guest Designer on the Crafty Cardmakers blog, a real honour. I tried to leave a direct link to them in the post but I'm afraid I failed. Help needed with this Vix lol.
Several of you have asked how I have made the padded cards and so I promise I will post more complete instructions as soon as I can.
You never know I might try and add pictures, that would be good for a laugh given how good with this blogging I am.....not.
Anyway must go now, I can hear Sylvie at the door.
Have a great evening and thanks for stopping by.
Love and hugs

Monday 28 June 2010

I'm a Special Guest. How cool is that !!!

Hi All
I am feeling truly honoured.
My 'Stalker' has asked me to be a special guest on the Crafty Cardmakers blog (
The challenge this time is Inky Fingers and Vixykins thought that I fitted that challenge perfectly lol.

Anyone who has attended one of my classes knows I don't do clean! I even manage to get in a mess when I make flowers. Well you have to ink the petals don't you :)
The card that I have posted for the challenge could be considered a bit of a cheat, in that I made it some years ago for Cardmaking and Papercraft. They sat on it for a year and then said that they couldn't use it as my style no longer fitted in with the magazine.
It has always been my favourite cards EVER and so where better to show it off than to all of you guys.

The Zebra was stamped and embossed on a piece of background paper that I made with my Adirondack Colourwash inks.
I then painted some of the stripes with Bleach. Yes it had to get in there somewhere. That is what has turned the stripes orange, good old cheap thin bleach!!

I mounted the zebra panel on to another of my favourites, black glossy cardstock. I should have shares in that and DSST lol.
The greeting has been stamped onto vellum, attatched using brads.
The background paper is from my stash, as are the beads and threads.
I do hope you like the card. As I say it is my favourite card and one I just cant bear to part with.
Happy Crafting
Love to All

Sunday 27 June 2010

Christmas comes in June!!!!!!!!

Evening Everyone.
Well, would you believe that on what feels like it could be the hottest day so far, I have been making Christmas cards.
I kid you not. The latest parcel to arrive from Barbara for her next TV show is all Christmas. Its hard to get into the Christmas spirit when its so hot, but I think I made it. Now I know what it must be like on Christmas Day in Australia, no wonder they have a barbie on the beach.

Anyway as you know I am sworn to secrecy over the new show, so I will just have to share a couple more of the cards that I made for the last one.
They are not quite camels, or even donkeys (to fit the Xmas theme) but they will have to do. I hope you like them anyway.
This first card uses a couple of my Cuttlebug folders for the background and words.

This second uses the large postage stamp and a couple of the smaller stamps that came with it.
I'm struggling with the heat now so I'm going to give in and call it a night.
Hope you have had a good weekend.
Love and hugs

What a great day

Morning All. Looks like we are in for another scorcher of a day.
I had a wonderful time yesterday in Chichester. The shop was boiling hot, but we managed with the help of an electric fan.

It was only a small class, which was probably just as well given how hot it was.
Its amazing how different everyones box was. I let them choose their card and paper and everyone chose differently which is always brilliant.

We didn't manage to finish everything, but I made sure that they all went away with enough card and paper and stamped images to finish the cards off at home.
Even so I think everyone enjoyed themselves.
We were well looked after, as always, and the day included lunch which we sat outside and ate in the sunshine - under a parasol of course lol.

These are a couple of the cards that I made to fill the box. I used a lovely stamp set designed by my friend Jane Gill, and of course there was some bleach involved as well as my favourite Stardust pen. The colouring was done using a kaleidacolor dye based ink pad.
Must go now if I'm going to get anything done before it gets too hot.
Have a great day.
Love Kimx

Friday 25 June 2010

Make a Stationary wallet in Chichester

Afternoon everyone.
Sorry I've not been a good blogger this week, but I have been hard at work on my Stationary Wallet classes.
I have been having so much fun making the boxes that I keep forgetting that I have to make cards to go in them lol.
Anyway, just a quick post to say that if you are in Chichester tomorrow and fancy joining me to make one of these then there are still a few spaces available.
It is an all day class, held at The Eternal Maker
41 Terminus Road
Chichester, West Sussex PO19 8TX
01243 788 174
Must go now, I have those cards to make remember lol.
The shop is just fab, a real treasure trove of material, paper, ribbons, buttons..................I could go on but the list is endless.
Look forward to seeing some of you tomorrow maybe.
Happy Crafting
Love Kimx

Monday 21 June 2010

Stationery Wallet finishing touch

Evening everyone.
Just a very quick post tonight as I really must get those instructions written for the Stationery Wallet but I realized that I had forgotten to post a photograph of the top of it.
I thought the flowers just finished it off perfectly.
I have been working on the cards to go inside but I will keep them for another time. I had better get back to those instructions. This really is the bit I hate.
I can make cards for England but writing the words is the boring bit as far as I'm concerned. It was always the bit I dreaded when I was doing the magazine work, and of course the books.
Anyway bye for now.
Thanks for stopping by.
Love Kimx

Sunday 20 June 2010

Stationery Wallet part 1

Hi All, thanks for stopping by, even if it is very late.
I said I would try and post again today, and here I am true to my word.
I have been working hard over the last couple of evening to finish the Stationery Box that I will be teaching at Davina's on Wednesday evening, and then The Eternal Maker on Saturday.
Ages ago my friend Shaz, the Peel-off Snob (sorry Shaz, I just couldn't resist lol) gave me a beautiful stationery set as a thank you gift.
At the time I thought how nice it was and that it would make a brilliant class.
So this is my interpretation of it. I did check with Shaz first that she wouldn't be offended if I taught it as a class.
I have had to adjust the instructions that I found for it, as they are from America and are therefore in inches. I am an inches Girl in everything but my crafting, all my equipment is in centimetres, so I have spent several hours adapting the box to centimetres.

I have used background paper to help embellish the basic box, and I have stamped and embossed this using a wonderful Swirl stamp from Inkadinkadoo.

This box has a small note book in it but I have also made one which only contains 6 standard cards and then a post-it note block, stamps and address labels. The little tab at the front is for a pen.
In fact I found myself getting quite carried away with all the different adaptations I came up with.

The class at Davina's is being held over two consecutive weeks, as there is just too much to do in one class and as it is held in the evening I couldn't really extend it for an extra couple of hours, I do need some sleep you know lol.
I haven't made the cards to go inside it yet as this will be what they make on the second evening, but I will have to get to work on them tomorrow as the class on Saturday is an all day one so they will need some examples to copy.
The thing I need to do first though is type up the instructions. I think this is one class that definitely needs a crib sheet!!
You never know I might even get brave and organise a tutorial. It would have to be a step by step one, not video, but maybe someone would be interested.
Anyway must get to bed now, it's back to the real world tomorrow, up at 5am for work!!!
Hope you have all had a good weekend, it's never long enough is it.
Nite, nite.
Love Kimx

Motivation at last......

Well Girls, I can't help wondering if I am some how responsible for the change in the weather!!
I did complain that I don't cope well in the heat, but this is just ridiculous lol.
Tomorrow is the longest day in the year, and then the nights start drawing in, and where have the long summer evenings gone to I wonder.
Anyway, as I have said before I have been going through one of those phases where I have so much to do but just can't seem to get motivated to do anything at all.
Well maybe all I really needed to do was make a card because I wanted to, not because I had to for a class or demo.
My turning point came at the beginning of the week with this card that I made for a friend of mine. He proposed to his long term girlfriend, and so I made them this to wish them all the luck in the world and send my congratulations.

The stamp is by Whipper Snapper and is one I have had for a while from Sir Stampalot.
The papers are from my stash, but are old Penny Black background papers.

I've stamped the image several times onto each of the papers and then used good old silicone - what ever would I do with out it now lol.

The shabby chic flower was one that I had made previously, but it matched the card perfectly. That doesn't often happen now does it.
I have been on a roll ever since I made this, so I had better get back to my desk before I encounter another drop in motivation. My to do list doesn't seem to have got any shorter.
Who knows, maybe I will share again later.
Have a great day, I hope the weather is better where you are, sorry again if I'm to blame lol.
Love and hugs

Saturday 19 June 2010

Dazzling Diamonds..............

Evening Ladies, I'm sorry for the lateness of the post - normal service has been resumed he he :)
As you probably know I am NOT a Stampin Up demonstrator although I have long bought their products.
Well I have just spent a wonderfully 'Crafty' day with several good friends, and some new ones, at Dazzling Diamonds Stamporama in New Addington.

I am apparently responsible for more than one persons crafting addictions so with this in mind I was honoured to be asked to be a special guest designer when Sharon and her Stampin Up team, Michelle, Patricia and Sue organised today's fun filled day.
It truly was jam packed full of projects, gifts and food and I created a project to share with everyone.

I decided to make a mini Easel card, and although the project had to use Stampin Up products I just couldn't help adding a couple of extra touches so in crept my Nesties and the Cuttlebug Swiss Dots embossing folder.

Of course Sharon HATES peel-offs so there just had to be a few dots and lines added especially for her - well it did make the peel-off snob laugh anyway lol.

I think everyone enjoyed the project, although I had obviously misunderstood my instructions. I hadn't realized that they only had half an hour in which to finish the whole thing. It's a good job I had cut most things for them - not usually my style I have to say.

Even so I couldn't just make one card. Well you have to give people choices, you have to allow for gold or silver girls and I had to use all the stamp set................good excuses don't you think :)

There were four other projects through out the day - three of them with written instructions, and all with everything provided that was needed to complete them. One even came with a set of stamps for us to keep.

The Girls are planning another event such as this in October, so watch this space for a confirmed date. I have happily offered to help again, if they would like me to.
Of course the day would not have run as smoothly as it did without the team behind the scenes. I would call them the Kitchen Queens (Sharon and Michelle's Mums), but that might offend Watson, Sharon's wonderful husband who spent the day being Chauffeur and go-fer, and didn't complain once, despite being surrounded by all these Crafty females. He's definitely a keeper Shaz, look after him.
Better go now, before I send you all to sleep with my ramblings.
Thanks for stopping by
Love and hugs

Thursday 17 June 2010

Blue Massai

Where has yet another day gone to??
I still don't seem to be getting anywhere fast, but as I have lots of cards still to show you I suppose it isn't all bad.

This is another card using the Clarity Massai Warrior and Acacia Tree.
What else can I say about it - handmade background paper, versamarked trees and faux card candy.

I can't believe that its Friday again tomorrow, another week over.
Better quit now while the laptop will let me connect to the internet. I'm squished on one corner of my bed. I don't dare move in case the connection fails - oh the wonders of modern technology lol.
Nite, nite. Thanks for stopping by.
Love Kimx

Tuesday 15 June 2010

More Massai Warriors

Hello Everyone.
Just a quick post tonight as I really must get an early night.
I thought that I had better share another of the cards from Barbara's last TV show, or it will be time for the next one lol.
The Warrior has been stamped onto a piece of paper that co-ordinated very nicely with the background paper that I had made myself.

The faux card candy have also been made from the co-ordinating paper.
I do like my embossing, as you know, but unfortunately it has reflected the light quite badly. Still I think you can get the idea.
I will try and share again tomorrow.
So much for my early night :)
Love Kimx

Monday 14 June 2010

Some Tiny New Additions

Evening Everyone.
It is the standing joke at home that we live in the house with the elastic walls since there are so many of us living under the same roof - Eat your heart out 'the Old Woman who lives in a Shoe!!! lol.
Well yesterday the elastic stretched a little further to accomodate a couple of unexpected new additions. My Granddaughters cat Princess gave birth so we have now added two little extras to the household - not sure what sex they are yet.
Isn't Mother Nature truly amazing! Princess seems little more than a kitten herself but she just knew insinctively what to do.
Megan, my Grandaughter, is convinced they are femail and has already picked out names. Oh dear it would seem that the boys are becoming seriously outnumbered.
The picture isn't the best in the world, but I just had to share.
Hope you had a good day.
Nite, nite
Love Kimx

Sunday 13 June 2010

We nearly needed Fireman Sam

Evening Everyone.
I'm sorry my blogging has been sporadic lately, but I did tell you that computers hate me, and mine well and truly does.
I normally blog sitting quietly on my bed before I turn in for the night. But just recently I find I have to move around the room just to get a signal so I have to admit that I have given up before I throw the wretched laptop out of the window.
This post is being done down stairs as I have tried every corner of my room and it is just not playing ball.
Anyway this is one of the cards that the ladies made at Lavender Lane yesterday.

I was teaching them a multiple resist technique with versamark and dye based ink pads. In the afternoon we made shaped cards using the Nestabilities.Everyone seemed to enjoy themselves even with the minor drama towards the end of the class - my faithful heat gun burst into flames!!!!!
I'm not kidding you girls flames were leaping out of it even though it was switched off.
My two year old Grandson Ciaran , who is an avid follower of Fireman Sam and is often heard to yell 'Call for Fireman Sam there's a fire' would have been very proud of me.
I remained calm, unplugged the heat gun and put it outside the shop on the pavement.
It was a good job the class was nearly at an end as the room was a little smelly after that but at least everyone was OK.

As you can see the Hobby Art flowers sneaked in there again - I do love them they are just so useful.
Maybe I will manage another post later, then again my laptop may find it's way on to the pavement - outside my window lol.
Have a good evening.
Happy Stamping, if you get the chance, and thanks for looking in.
Love Kimx

Thursday 10 June 2010

Massai Warrior

Hi Everyone
Thanks for stopping by.
I did promise that I would try and post again, and so here I am.
This is one of the cards that I made for Barbara's last TV show.

I found the background papers in my stash. The colours seemed just right and then I noticed the map on the brown paper and found myself cutting in to a 12 x 12 sheet just to get Africa in the right place on the card lol.
The Massai Warrior has been stamped on to a piece of background that I created from dye based inks.

I think the beads and metallic swirls add that perfect finishing touch, along with the acacia tree in the corner.
I hope you like it.
Better sign off now.
Nite nite.
Love Kimx

Oriental Help needed!!!

Evening Everyone.
Thanks for stopping by. I'm sorry I've been posting sporadically lately but I can't seem to get back into the swing of it all.
As you know if you have been following me I usually post my cards from Barbara's TV show as soon as it has aired, and I try to show what I am doing in my classes before they happen, but I am breaking from form tonight because I need some blogging help.
As the problem is Orientally related I thought that I would share a card that I made for a friends birthday which has a folded Kimono on it - nice tie in hey, are you impressed lol.
Now to my probem.
I have set up my blog to e-mail me when ever there is a comment posted. So far so good, this way I can see them immediately and delete anything which may not be appropriate.
And this is where we come to my problem. I have been getting comments left which are oriental in nature but which when opened lead to porn - not what I want to be associated with.
So far I have been able to go onto dashboard and delete them.
And now we come to my latest problem with this. I have had two comments left, I have read them as an e-mail. When I go on to the post for 'It's a man Thing' it tells me that I have 7 comments but when I click on the comment box only 5 show up, I can't see the 2 oriental ones. My friend Anna tells me that she can view them on her computer but I can't on mine which means that I can't delete them.
Where have they gone to and does anyone know how I can find them and get rid of them????????
I have no desire to offend anyone who visits my blog. I look forward to the comments that people leave, lets face it that's half the fun of doing this isn't it, sharing what we have made and hoping that people like it, but I am beginning to dread opening my e-mail in case there is another comment with unsavoury links.I hope that there is someone out there that can lend me a helping hand.
I will try and resume normal service later, perhaps a post containing a Clarity card or maybe a resist card from my Lavender Lane class, who knows, stop by later and check it out.
Thanks for sticking with me while I vented, what is it they say - it's good to talk!!!
Have a good evening.
Love Kimx

PS A close up of the Kimono.

Sunday 6 June 2010

It's a Man Thing...

Well Girls, how have you managed this weekend? Me, I've struggled.
Even thought it hasn't been that sunny today it has still been really hot here and I don't do well in the heat - goodness only knows how I'm going to fair further into the Summer. I won't wish bad weather on all of you but I do hope it doesn't get too hot for my sake.

Anyway this is the card that we will be making on Wednesday evening at Davina's.
It's a Men's card class and I decided that we would make an easel card.
I really am into making them at the moment, they are so easy but so much more fun than your usual flat card.

I've used some background paper that I found, which I think works really well. Note to self though don't use silicone to attach background paper as it shows through lol. Still I think you get the idea.
Must get to bed now, it's back to the grind tomorrow.
Nite, nite
Love Kimx

Friday 4 June 2010

Claritys Naked Tree..........

Have you ever had one of those weeks where you just have so much to do that you don't know where to start and so you end up doing nothing???
Well I have been having one of those. All my good moves to get on top of everything seem to have gone out of the window at the moment and now I am back to square one. Oh well onwards and upwards I suppose.
This is a card that I made for Barbara's TV show at the beginning of the year, and as the naked tree is featuring again in her new show this Sunday (Create and Craft sky channel 671 11am - 1pm Sunday 6th June) I thought it appropriate to share it.
I hope that I haven't posted it before, although I know that I meant to. I have just spent ages scrolling through all of my posts but can't find it so I assume that it must have been in January when I had all my computer trouble and I didn't get to post for a month.
I won't be able to get much catching up done today as my old Primary School is having a 50th birthday reunion today and I am attending with my Mum and Sister. It will be fun to try and remember how it looked all those years ago when I went there - it was new then lol. I wonder if I will recognise anybody, I will let you know.
Hope that you have a good weekend.
Bye for now
Love Kimx

Thursday 3 June 2010

Thanks Ma

Hi Everyone.
Sorry I've been a bad blogger lately but I just haven't been able to find my mojo.
I hope you missed me.
I'm pleased to know that there is at least one person who follows my blog and noticed my absence - aren't Mums wonderful lol.
I got a lovely text message from mine this morning asking if I was OK as I hadn't blogged in four days, so this is for you Ma.
The flower stamp is by Unity Stamps, the greeting from Hobby Art, and the background is made with the ivory Silkies (from Imaginations) and distress inks.
Have a good evening - what's left of it.
Love and hugs