Thursday, 24 December 2009

Happy Christmas Everyone

Well I'm afraid I failed miserably when it comes to posting any more of my Christmas cards. My excuse is that I have been at work all week at the garage, and I have had to fit blogging in around everything else.
You would be amazed at how busy we have been all day today, with people coming in to buy their M&S goodies with out having to go to a main store. We are only a medium sized petrol station but we have had 5 tills open and customers queing all day.
It's crazy isn't it - all this for one day, still it is Christmas I suppose he he.
I also had my very own Santa today. A regular customer insisted on buying me a bottle of Cava - 'for being so lovely all Year' How nice was that!!
Any way I thought I would share one last Christmas card with you, made for a very special lady, my Mum.
It is made using some of the fabulous Moonshadow Inks and Moonglow embossing powders from The Stamp Man.
I do love making background papers and these inks are just wonderful for that.
The panel in the centre of the card is made with ultrathick embossing powder which has then had some of the moonglow embossing powder added to the final layer before the stamp has been pressed into it.
It may not be the most traditional of Christmas cards but I love it.
I had better close now. I have to be at work again tomorrow at 6am (we are open 24/7 365 days a year, and Friday is my day to work!!) Still it is actually quite a nice day to work as everyone is in a good mood and then when I get home dinner will be ready :)
The grandchildren are just getting their letters, mince pies and drinks ready to leave for Santa, and of course a carrot for the reindeer. They are so excited. We have been tracking Father Christmas on the internet - oh how times change!!
Any way I just want to wish everyone a Wonderful Christmas, and a very Happy New Year. I hope you have a fabulous day tomorrow.
Love and best wishes

Sunday, 20 December 2009

Another Christmas card

Two posts in one day, I hope you are all suitably impressed :)
I have spent most of today putting all my addresses back on to my computer, lets hope that this is third time lucky.
I seem to have managed to track down all but about 15 (not bad out of over 100) and I am still waiting for some e-mail and text message replies, so maybe there is hope yet.
This is another card that uses sponging and Magenta stamps - you may have guessed by now that I do like Magenta!! I have also used another of my favourite tecniques - painting with bleach. This will only work when the ink that you are trying to bleach out is a dye based one, so this is where Kaleidacolour inkpads work beautifully.
Better get back to the addresses now, maybe I will get in one last blog posting before I go to bed. You never know.
Love Kimx

Christmas Card

Hi everyone. Just a short post with another of my Christmas cards.
This one also uses a sponging technique, and some fab Magenta stamps.
I think I have just about finished writing all my cards so now I just have to round up all my addresses.
The saga of the laptop seems to be continuing in that although I thought I had backed up all of my addresses, it seems that my Dymo machine package only saves the last address that is open, so once again I have lost them all. See I told you I hated technology. I think that Father Christmas had better get me a good old fashioned address book, maybe I will have better luck with that.
Will post again later, I'm off to hunt through the recycling:)
Love Kimx

Saturday, 19 December 2009

Finished at last

Well I think I have finally finished making enough Christmas cards to send.
One day I will get them all finished and sent out by the beginning of December, but then again pigs might learn to fly before then!! I always mean to get them started earlier, but December just seems to creep up on me.
My friend Anna and I have decided that we are going to get started in January so that we might be ready on time next year!!!
Still, having made all of them this year, I thought that I would share a few with you before they go in the post box.
It's only a short post as I had better go and start writing - looks like it's going to be a long night :)
Sweet Dreams

Wednesday, 16 December 2009

Birthday Boy

Evening everyone.
I thought that with all the Christmas cards that we have had to make and send just lately, I would share the birthday card I made for a very special young man, my Grandson Reece.
Today is his 7th birthday and he is happily engrossed in his new Lego kits, as we speak!! Well I know its late, but it is his birthday and nearly the end of term, and at least I don't have to put up with the moaning in the morning if he is tired :)
As you may have guessed by the card he plays football - he also does kickboxing but I didn't have a stamp for that.
For once the card was actually made on time - quite an acheivement for me as anyone who knows me will realize.
I was very efficient really as it is also my good friend Anna's birthday, and her card was made on time as well. The only troulble is I left it at work, so she will have to have it late as usual. Well I did try. Maybe I will share her card with you tomorrow, if she has got it by then that is. At the moment the snow has settled here, so I may not get it to her tomorrow.
Happy Birthday Anna.
Night, night.
Love Kimx

Sunday, 13 December 2009

Worst Blogger in the World?

Well I think I have to be officially the worst Blogger in the World!!
All week I have been reading the Girls postings about the 2nd Utimate Rubber Stamping Day held at Sir Stampalot on Saturday 5th December. It really was the most fantastic day and I felt privileged to be demoing along side such talented ladies.
Thanks for all the fabulous ideas Girls. I hope my paper flowers are as good as yours Brenda and Louise as I have been asked to teach the ideas next year at Lavender Lane.

I didn't get many cards made for the day I'm afraid. In fact I felt very much like the poor relation when it came to displays in comparison to everyone else, there really was the most amazing art work on display.
I did get these two cards finished for the shop however, so I thought that I had better share them with you.
I've used just a couple of the Magnolia stamps available - thought I should get to play with some of them after I had counted them all:)
I will try and get some more things posted over the next couple of days but as I haven't finished making all my Christmas cards yet, let alone write them, this may be a pie in the sky promise.
At the moment we are ankle deep in Christmas decorations. Try putting up a tree with 2 year old twins, an excited 6 year old whose birthaday is next week and a small kitten helping - I think I will lock myself in my craft room. Call me when its all over. He he.
Have a good evening.

Wednesday, 2 December 2009

Yipee Holiday at Sir Stampalot

Well Guys this holiday lark is seriously not good for the bank balance.
On Saturday I am joining several other 'Crafty Ladies' for the 2nd Ultimate Rubber Stamping Day at Sir Stampalot in Peterboro.
As always I take a couple of extra days, as holiday from the real job, to go up early and stay with Janice and Andy, and try and help out. This usually involves making samples at some point - maybe I should call this the real job!!
The one disadvantage to being here is that you are amongst all these wonderful new toys, and as a committed Stampaholic I just HAVE TO HAVE THEM - I guess the new glasses will just have to wait for another month!!
We managed to catch up on the orders ( the royal we that is!!) and then Nick and I (he works for J and A) got on with stock counting Tildas.
Why ever did I suggest that was a good idea. Do you know how many designs of Tilda there are in this place,968 and each one has to be counted and recorded. J&A's system is wonderfully automated but there is, I'm afraid, no substitute for good old fashioned legwork when it comes to counting the blessed things!!
Technology is brilliant when it works but not so good when you've counted 48 boxes of stamps and the computer tells you that there is nothing there so you have to count them again. Aaarg!!!!
Of course the other disadvantage to counting them is that you get to see all the designs, and then of course you just have to have them. Thank goodness I only shop when I see things, and not on line, cause at this rate I'm going to need a seriously rich toyboy.
Have finally finished counting but haven't had much time to play yet so I thought I would share a card with you that I made last time I was up here.

The card uses
Magnolia Fall Edwin 1946E
Magnolia Christmas Cracker 2109H
Hero Arts Holiday Sayings CL343
Cuttlebug folder - Textile 37-1153
One advantage to blogging while I'm in the shop is that I can give you the codes for everything.
Will try and get some samples done tomorrow to share with you.
I will be playing with the Walnut Hollow Creative Metal and alcohol inks on Saturday so I look forward to seeing you. Its always a fabulous day with lots of fantastic demos to see - I always learn some new tip or technique from someone.
Must drag the guys of the computer in a minute so we can get home. I do need some sleep you know.
Sleep tight.
Love Kimx