Monday, 5 December 2022

Countdown to Christmas - Day 5 (Edited to add pictures)


Having finished writing all of my Christmas cards, I have set up another production line, this time for Teachers Prezzies.

I showed my daughter a bag of sweets that I made a while ago as a Halloween gift. I thought that it might make a nice, and relatively cheap, gift to give the teachers at the school and Nursery. Little did I know that it would involve ALL of the teachers in the entire school not just the ones that the kids have in their classes!!

Never mind, I'm only too happy to be able to help, so I set up a bit of a production line with piles of all the individual bits so that the bags are quicker to put together.

No photos tonight I'm afraid as it has got too late, so I will edit the post tomorrow and add some.

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Production line.

Items used to create the Sweetie Bags
This was the original design that the Christmas sweetie bag was based on.
Finished Sweetie bags

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