Saturday, 28 March 2020

Celebrate a Weed Day

Morning Everyone,
I hope that you are all doing OK. I've been for my walk, done my good deed for the day by getting my friend her paper, and I've checked my e-mails. I only skim through the interesting ones, I don't need any more reminders of bad news.
So did you know that today was, amongst others, National Weed Appreciation Day. I know I'm a mine of trivial information lol.
The celebration is designed to remind us that some weeds are beneficial to us and the ecosystem.
Even the perishing Dandelion serves a purpose.
  Dandelions are a food source for insects and some birds. Humans eat young dandelion leaves and enjoy tea and wine made from the leaves and flowers. The Native Americans used dandelions to treat certain ailments. Nutritionally, dandelions contain a source of vitamin A and C, calcium, iron and fiber.
I suppose they do provide a flash of sunshine in the grass, so long as it's not my grass lol.
So to celebrate I thought that I would share a card with a couple of weeds (or wild flowers) on it.
There are other things to celebrate today apparently, including National Black Forest Cake Day. I think I'll stick with celebrating this one, I'm sure that it tastes a whole lot better than dandelion leaves.
Have a great crafty day.
Stay safe and hugs

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