Saturday, 15 May 2021

Update on Wrist

Evening Everyone,

The kids have been amazingly good today, and really helpful as well, especially given that they have spent most of the afternoon in the car while they took me to the hospital to get my wrist x-rayed.

Long story short, and 7 x-rays later, I still don't know whether or not I have fractured it as there seems to be some disagreement between the person that saw me and the consultant that he spoke to for confirmation. Because I don't live here, so would be unable to attend the fracture clinic follow ups, he has suggested that I go to A&E at home so that they can send me for a CT scan which is the next option in their protocol!!!

So guess what I will be doing on Monday? At least they are emailing all the x-rays so I won't have to go through that again. In the mean time I have been given a splint which helps a little, although it is also making my hand ache more.

Off to get some pain killers before I go to bed.

Night, night.


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  1. Oh no Kim, what are we going to do with you. I do hope this is not too serious. I understand that life can be like this, one minute everything is going fine and completely out of the blue something like this happens. Thank goodness it's not your right arm. You must be careful and let this heal properly once you know what's going on. Our neighbour had a similar accident and didn't give it time to mend and it looks slightly misshapen now but I know you will be sensible. I am sending you gentle hugs. Angela xXx


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