Tuesday, 3 February 2015

A Snow Day

Evening Everyone,
Well the snow that they have been predicting for my neck of the woods finally put in an appearance this morning.
It's still a shock to the system isn't it, although at least it felt a little bit warmer, even if only for a short while.
The roads of course were in chaos, though why it is that we seem unable to cope in England.
I bet all you lovely people in the USA and Canada have taken any snow in your stride, we on the other hand lol.
Oh well perhaps I will share a few of the quick Christmas cards that I made last year to go with the snow.
They have all been made using Decorating Chalk, Versamark ink and an assortment of stamps.

I haven't made a very good start to my Christmas card pile so far this year, although fortunately I did have quite a few left over from last year.                                                                                                                                
Let's hope that everything doesn't freeze tonight or it will be quite lethal under foot tomorrow.
I do hope that we don't get any more snow, although there will be lots of disappointed people who would like to stay at home for a 'Snow Day'.
Unfortunately that is the major disadvantage to living so close to work, they wouldn't believe me if I said that I was snowed in and couldn't get there lol.
Night, night and hugs

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  1. A stunning selection of cards, I love each and every one. I am certainly inspired now to dig out my chalks from their hiding spot and have a go. Sally.x.


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