Thursday, 13 February 2014

We have our very own bridge

Hi All
Well it looks like I will definitely have dry feet getting to work tomorrow as they have built a pedestrian bridge from the end of my road to the BP garage!!
How worrying is that, I guess that they are expecting this to go on for a long time if they have gone to the expense of building this.
I know one lovely lady who will be very pleased with its construction. Sylvie should no longer have to put up with people using her garden as a walk way.
hugs Kimx


  1. Glad you will have dry feet Kim, I heard one boffin on the news say it could be 6 months before we get back to 'normal' as the underground water table is so high there is no where for the water to go. Stay safe :)

  2. There is talk here that it will be like this till May and ours is a very minor flood in comparison to some places.
    hugs Kimx


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