Thursday, 6 February 2014

Flood Update

Evening Everyone,
It has been another wet and miserable day here in Whyteleafe.
This morning when, I went to work, it was dry and the road was clear of flood water although it was still blocked with signs and cones. Needless to say drivers continued to feel that this didn't apply to them and even drove on the pavements to by pass everything.
We had heard that it was still blocked because the road was subsiding, and part of me was kind of hoping that a car would end up pitching itself into a big hole even though that would have made things 10 times worse. Workmen eventually removed all of the signs and the road reopened, so I can only assume that the subsidence must have been a bit of a Chinese Whisper.
By the time I left work however it had been pouring with rain for several hours and the flood water had returned only this time with the added element of raw sewage!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I ended up ringing the Local Highways Agency (I'm sure I wasn't the only one) and telling them that we needed the road to be closed again as a matter of urgency . This time the flooding is much worse, in fact it is very reminiscent of 2000 which is a very scary prospect as the road was closed then for nearly 4 weeks.
I realise that there are other parts of the country that have got it much worse than us, and that it probably seems quite pathetic by comparison, but I can only comment on what we have here and its horrible.
In fact we have just had to help out one of my Sin-in-laws work colleagues who has had to evacuate his house due to flood water and a gas leak, so there is always someone worse off than you wherever you are.
I have no pictures to share tonight I'm afraid. I was showing customers pictures of the flooding at work and I have left my camera by the till.
I don't fancy going out in the rain unless I have to, so I will have to share a card with you tomorrow.
Lets hope the rain lets up.
hugs Kimx

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  1. Oh no!!! Sewage on top of flooding is NEVER fun! :( I hope things get sorted soon, Kim! HUGS! Mynn xx


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