Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Sorry You are Blue at Woodware

Hi All
So what happened to all the wet weather that the newspapers have been telling us is going to go on for the next ten years
Parts of today have to have been the hottest in a long while, or maybe it was just trying to deal with a brand new till system and customers who are in a hurry and don't care that you have only just started using it and don't yet know how everything works is what was making me sweat.
Computer simulation training is all very well but it doesn't allow for real Nectar cards that won't scan because the strip is dirty or worn and won't let you go back and start again once you have pushed a button. Whoever said change was good had better not get too close to me or they might get the raw edge of my tongue!!!!
Sorry......... rant over...............chill...........and so on to tonight's card.
This week the lovely Ladies over at Woodware are Sorry You are Blue. (How very appropriate lol)
Dorothy says that she is never sure what the girls are going to come up with when she sets the challenges so I hope that my card will be considered OK.
I'm feeling a bit 'carded out' at the moment after this last week so I went through my box and found this one that I made a while ago.
The stamp is by Magenta, (I do love their stamps) which I have stamped and embossed and then coloured using dye based inks.
 The greeting is from Lili of the Valley, but I hope that I will be forgiven for that.
I added some Woodware Ribbon across the card and some stamping with both inks and bleach to the blue background panel.
I think I had better get an early night, cause I can't see tomorrow being any less stressful than today. Let's hope that I'm wrong.
Hugs Kimx


  1. LOVE it, what a gorgeous blue color - it just pops!

  2. You did justice to my stamp... absolutely lovely... Thanks...


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