Thursday, 8 March 2012


Evening Everyone
Even though I have been unable to sort the nasty issues that seem to have overtaken my crafting lately, due to the injured parties failure to come forward and contact me direct, I really had hoped that everyone had felt able to move on from it.
Unfortunately this does not seem to have been the case.
As much as I truly appreciate the messages of support that I have received, I have never once tried to whip people up in to a frenzy or suggest that they leave any sort of comment be it good or bad.
I would therefore respectfully ask that people stop.
My Grandmother always said that if you can't say anything nice perhaps it is better to say nothing at all, and I have to say that on this particular occasion I agree with her wholeheartedly.
I really don't know what else to say other than once again to ask that the person that I have appartently wronged so shamefully contact me direct.
As I have said before I am more than happy to admit my mistakes if I have made them, but l need to be given the evidence of my apparent wrong doing.
It has never been my wish for this to escalate into a slanging match.
All I have ever wanted is to get this matter sorted out once and for all but I can't do that if the person in question will not get in touch.
We are all human and capable of making mistakes, and I will willingly own up to mine but I have to be given the necessary information in order to do so.
This situation has gone too far and I am really not sure what else I can do to resolve it.
Perhaps we would do well to think of something that was in the papers today. Six of our brave troops were killed.
Doesn't that just go to show how short life is, and how there are matters of far greater importance than what feels to me like playground bullying.
PLEASE, PLEASE let it stop.


  1. Oh Kim, I am really sorry that you are still having problems with this... as you say, in light of the tragic news today some people really need to get some perspective.

    Sending you *hugs*.


  2. So sorry for what you're going through Kim.

  3. whats up Kim? doesnt sound nice whatever it is.


  4. Hi Kim
    I am so sorry that this unpleasant and unnecessary business is still going. Hasn't this individual got anything better to do than point the finger, then not back up her complaint?
    As you say, there are other more important things in life than being an unkind bully.
    Big hugs Kim and try to rise above these people. You are far better than stooping to their level.
    Take care
    Debs xx


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