Thursday, 22 March 2012

Easy Peasy Lemon Squeezy Stationery Box

Evening Everyone,
I hope that you have all had a lovely day,
I can't quite believe that I am nearly at the end of my holiday here at SirStampalot.
As my Grandchildren would say 'only two more sleeps' and then I'm homeward bound. Boo Hoo.

Anyway apart from my Demo last Saturday this Stationery Box was one of the first classes that I did when I got here last week.
The idea is based around a lovely Stampin Up box that my friend Shaz gave me as a gift.
I have had to adapt the instructions to centimetres since that is what I craft in.
I also scaled it down slightly since the original also contained gift cards and envelopes.
I made two versions in the class so that I could leave one for Janice to have in the shop.
I have four that I have started at various times but have never quite completed, so I have been determined to finish one off totally before I go home. I finally succeeded tonight which is why it has taken me so long to post since the original class.
All of the cards have been made using pieces of the Lemon juice background technique that I have been showing people this week.
Janice and Andy have had a built in Demonstrator and Tea Lady this week, so I have ended up with several pieces which I have been able to turn into cards to fill my box.
I have been very mean and told Janice that she will have to make her own cards, that probably means that it will never get finished like the rest of mine, but you never know.
I did have to buy one extra sheet of background paper so that they all had the same base, but all of the other pieces of card are left over from making the box.
 I even used up all the little strips of card and did some paper weaving, how sad am I !!
All of the items that I have used are available from the shop, so why not check out their WEBSITE.
I'm afraid that I haven't listed everything as I should have done but I would like to get some sleep and this post is starting to feel a bit like War and Peace lol.
So you will have to grab yourself a coffee and have a browse on-line, or better still pop into the shop.
 I even stamped on to the envelopes to make sure that they co-ordinated.
The ladies in the class on Sunday made some fabulous creations and everyone was different which was so nice to see.
In fact Cheryl who made the purple and green box has already bought a second one in to the shop to show me that she has made since finishing the class.
Now that really is when you know that all of your hard work preparing a class has been worth it.
I have my last evening class tomorrow making the Mini File Folder that I entered into a Woodware Challenge a while ago, so I had better get off to bed.
Night night
Hugs Kimx

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  1. They are all lovely, the class must have all worked very hard. I know the feeling when it comes to bits not finished. Have a lovely day!


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