Monday, 17 June 2013

So much for a nice uneventful day!!

Evening Everyone
I hope that you have all had a nice quiet uneventful day.
Ours has been quite the opposite. So much for my uninterrupted last day at home quietly making cards.
There I was having a very successful morning, hoping to get all of my top secret projects finished when there was a loud yell from the kitchen.
I rushed in to discover that our new 'Self Clean' oven had exploded during the cleaning cycle shattering the internal glass door and slowly melting the buttons and dial. We possess a fire blanket but as the oven is inside a wooden housing and smoke seemed to be coming from it I rushed down to work and borrowed an electrical fire extinguisher - just in case!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Thank God we live so close to where I work, but next time I must remember to put something on my feet other than Kroc's, you can't do anything quickly in them.
We got Jason to come home. Not quite sure what we thought he could do, but at least he did manage to move the oven forward out of the housing so that it could cool down.
After more than half and hour on the phone being passed from one department to another we are told that we need to leave the oven where it is (half in the housing and half on the ironing board) and someone will be out to REPAIR IT on Friday.
Call us crazy but we don't want it repaired we want it gone and a brand new one in it's place.
So let's hope that this week isn't too warm as our meals are going to consist of stews cooked in the slow cooker and plenty of pasta. We might even try fish fingers in the microwave, my good friend Gill swears by them.
So please excuse a picture less post. I think my heart has stopped racing from the drama, and the sudden exercise!! but I couldn't quite get my head round photos for the blog.
Note to self - invest in a fire extinguisher, and maybe a pair of running shoes lol.
Let's hope normal service will be resumed tomorrow.
Big hugs Kimx

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  1. Oh Kim, firstly never knew self clean ovens existed, secondly oh my word, no wonder you were in a frenzy, can't see them fixing it, but sorry to say the way you've written this post made me chuckle, apologies as I know a scary experience. think I'll stick with my normal oven, and ithas a cleaning service, called David lol, my oh x


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