Friday 17 October 2014

My First Step by Step Tutorial

Evening Everyone,
Welcome to the weekend ............again. Where on earth has another week gone to.
It is my turn to post on the Hobby Art Blog, and I'm only one day late this time so that is an acheivement in itself lol.
I thought that I would share one of the cards that I made for Jenny’s last TV appearance, and at the same time clear up the mystery of how to create the background on acetate. 
The picture that I took of the original card is not very good, (acetate is so hard to photograph) so here is another one that I made as a Birthday card.
I’m not a great one for step by step instructions, because to be perfectly honest, until I start to play I have no idea what I am going to end up with, so you will have to forgive me if my steps are not up to everyone elses standards. 
They also use different stamps.
These are most of the items that I used to create my acetate panel, although I did forget the Blending Solution, and it is hard to see the acetate in the middle of the picture.
Add a drop of each of your chosen colour of Alcohol to a piece of felt attached to a Blending Tool.
Tap the blending tool all over the acetate, turning it as you move across your panel to create a random background.
Every one will be different, even if you use the same combination of inks.
Add a few drops of the Blending Solution to the felt, without adding any more of the coloured inks, and create a second piece of background. 
This will give you a much paler piece of background to work with.
Next comes the fun part, but it will only work with Archival Ink. 
Stamp your chosen image on to the acetate on the same side as you put the inks. 
Leave it to dry very briefly, and then wipe the ink away using a dry cloth, or paper towel. 
Any colour of Archival ink will work, and I actually like the the slightly grey shadow that is left by using the black ink. 
Keep stamping and wiping away the ink over the entire panel until it is randomly covered. You can also use a fine detailed stamp such as a greeting with this technique.
At the end of the day just play, what have you got to lose except a little bit of time, and maybe some acetate. 

Kim - Woodland GladeI managed to get this picture from the Hobby Art blog itself of the card from the TV.
The black images that appear on the panel above have been stamped on the uninked side of the acetate using Stazon Ink. I find that the image stamps out better on that side, but do remember that you will be turning the acetate over so if you have used a greeting stamp on your background panel it will then be in reverse. That is why I chose a very random text stamp as it can’t easily be read so works just as well in reverse.
I'm hoping to get some playtime this weekend as my parcel arrived today with all the new stamps for the next Hobby Art TV show at the end of the month. There are some real beauties so I can't wait. 
Have a great weekend. Hugs Kimx


  1. A really great tutorial. I have already ordered some acetate, so I will be giving this a go when it arrives. Sally D.x.

  2. This is a lovely card Kim, I really like the background and I want to have a go at this too... Am toying with the idea of making my own alcohol inks using the new spectrum noir inks and some Isopropyl Alcohol from Amazon...

    Happy days!

  3. WOW!!! Your tutorial is awesome! I don't think I would dare just yet to experiment with shadow stamping but you sure are an expert in it!!!


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