Monday, 5 January 2015

Cool Dude Sneekers

Hi All,
I don't know about you, but I was determined that I would go into 2015 with at least one thing crossed off my 'To Do' list.
At this rate the particular task that I started will still be running well into 2016!!
I find it very hard to remember which cards I have shared with you on the blog when I make so many over the course of the year.
One way that I try to solve this is by having a picture print out of every card that I have blogged.
How sad am I I can hear you say. Perhaps it is but at least I can check this listing before I post anything.
Unfortunately when I was having trouble with my laptop last year I lost all of my files before I was able to print them out. And before you say it, Yes I did back them up, but my laptop won't let me open the files. See I told you that technology hates me lol.
I started the year with a bit of a creative crisis, so I thought that rebuilding this picture listing might give me a kick start.
It has worked to a degree, in that I have made a long list of potential classes and I have loads of ideas running around in my head if I could just find the time to translate them into cards.
My picture listing however is no nearer completion, and the computer is once again in danger of being hurled across the room.
It is running at a snails pace, in fact the snail would probably win hands down, and some sort of gremlin keeps doing a registry check which then means that I can't save or print any of the documents that I have open.....................AAAAAAArrrgggggg.
Joe, it is heading in your direction before it ends up in the computer grave yard in a million pieces.
This card is one that I know I haven't shared with you as it was made for the new Woodware catalogue which is just heading to shops this week.
I love these wonderful sneakers, they will be brilliant for making cards for both boys and girls. I have paper pieced them here using some dotty red paper..
The sentiments are all from another of the new stamp sets and make a great graffitti wall.
The background paper was created using my Creative Palette, dye based ink and an Alphabet stencil.
I'm sorry that I have failed miserably in my blog visiting and commenting duties. I do keep trying but I'm not getting anywhere fast. One more thing that I haven't been able to cross off :O(
I also plan to get back into entering some challenges, I have missed them. But I need to sort out this laptop first before I can do any of those things.
Happy Crafting and hugs

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