Thursday, 15 August 2013

Thank you very much for my dinner

Hi All
I have come to the conclusion that there seems to have been something lacking in my daughter's education.
When I was at school there was a small one room 'flat' off the Home Economics room where we were all taught (boys and girls alike) some of the basic life skills, like washing and ironing, along side the cookery lessons where we ended up being able to cook a three course meal.
I don't think my daughter's school cookery lessons  ever seemed to progress beyond fairy cakes and ironing was obviously never part of the deal.
It seems I also failed her in that department since today I have been on an errand of mercy to iron a crease into her other halves trousers.
They unfortunately have a funeral to attend tomorrow, and in typical manly style, the jacket made it to the dry cleaners but the trousers got left at home and had to endure the washing machine treatment.
They have both been working so I offered to pick up the jacket and press creases into the trousers, something it seems my daughter hasn't mastered. In fact I don't think that she is keen on the iron at all given recent events lol.
I'm not sure that my efforts were quite up to military standard, but they seemed to pass muster, and I was treated to a lovely roast dinner at the Pub to thank me for my efforts.
So this is my Thank You to them. The central panel has been made using a combination of Stamped images, Distress inks and Frantage powders.
The sentiment is by Woodware.
I have used two different colours of Frantage powder on the central panel.
I hope that the funeral goes well, they have a long journey ahead of them to get there, and that their Friend is looking down at them smiling and appreciates my efforts at the military creases.
Hugs to All


  1. I hope it goes ok for them, Kim. Your card is beautiful and your story tells of a very happy family with give and take. It made me smile as we also had a home economics flat at school. The only thing I learnt is not to have the opening of a pillow facing a draught! Apparently the HE teacher and the Head used to get up to no-good in there!

    Lucy x

  2. Lovely colours and of course everthing else is perfect!


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