Wednesday, 7 July 2010

Happy Birthday Mike

Hi All.
Sorry I was absent yesterday but it was one of those where I seemed to spend the whole time chasing my tail, and by the time I finally got to sit down to blog I couldn't think of a thing to say so I gave up and went to bed.
I have been working hard today on a card that a friend at work has asked me to make.
I usually take my cards in to work so that the girls can see them before they go in the post. Having seen the card that I have entered into the challenges one lass asked me if I would make a similar card for a friend of hers. I was a little hesitant as her friend is male, and I was afraid that it might be too feminine, but now its finished I think it will be OK. I will have to share it with you tomorrow as of course it has got too late to photograph tonight. I really am going to have to invest in one of those little photo pods aren't I lol.
Men are just so difficult to make cards for aren't they. I guess since lots of them are gardeners it really shouldn't be a problem if the card that you make has flowers on it.
If all else fails trees and leaves are always a safe bet I find, and this is what I used when I made this for Mike, the husband of my friend Gill.
A little bird, or should I say a Welsh Springer Spaniel called Taffy, let it slip that it was Mike's birthday on Monday.(Taffy Till - The journal of a Welsh Springer Spaniel)
Gill always attends my classes at Lavender Lane leaving hubby to his own devises on many a Saturday and so it seemed only fair that I send him a card as I am responsible for these absences.
As I said trees are usually a safe bet for a man, and I had a lovely e-mail from Mike on Tuesday thanking me for it. Yes the card was late as usual lol.

I have used a Penny Black tree stamp for the main image and a Stampendous leaf for the background on the main card. I do like this line of trees and it works so well with the distress inks.
The greeting is by Hobby Art.
Hope you have had a good day.
Thanks for stopping by.
Love Kimx


  1. One of the (many) things I love about your cards is that they are so much more suitable as an inspiration for men's cards than the often cute and flowery cards that I see elsewhere on the blogosphere. This is another lovely, artistic card. You are so inspiring. Thank you!!

  2. Hi Kim, saw your comment on Debbie D's blog and thought I'd pop over and say hello (and have a little nose at what you're doing at the moment)
    Love your card, the stamps and colours you chose look fabulous.
    Best wishes, Felicity (aka Fliss) x

  3. Hi! That Welsh Springer Spaniel is quite a gossip isn't he? Mike loved his personally made card and insists I carry on with classes!! Thank you for remembering him x x


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