Friday, 2 July 2010

Don't forget to watch Clarity

Hi Everyone
Just trying to see if I can get the hang of this new updated editor.
 I tried it before but I.m afraid to say I chickened out and went back to Old Editor - I don't like change lol.
So here goes, lets see if I can add a picture!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Well so far so good but that's just taken me at least 20 mins and about 8 times of deleting the pictures and accidentally altering the writing, I think I may have to stick to Old Editor lol.
 And now the writing is centred as well as the picture.................aargh
Anyway what I was trying to do was remind you that Clarity Stamps will be on the TV on Sunday with Barbara giving another two hours of her fabulous stamping ideas.
This time the show will be Christmas based. I can't show you those yet, so here is one from the show last month which had a very African theme.

The card used both the solid and open versions of the stamps. The open ones stamped onto the black have then been painted with bleach which has changed the card to a lovely brown.
I've used a Nestie again, I do like this one, and I have wrapped the edge of the panel with thread.
I suppose I ought to leave a link to Clarity, which was the whole reason for trying out New Editor, so here goes!!!!
Now why cant I do that in Old Editor lol.
Well I tried but it's taken ages and I'm not sure I'm happy with it, Hey let's see what happens next time if I haven't thrown the laptop across the room that is.
Nite, nite
Love Kimx

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