Sunday, 13 June 2010

We nearly needed Fireman Sam

Evening Everyone.
I'm sorry my blogging has been sporadic lately, but I did tell you that computers hate me, and mine well and truly does.
I normally blog sitting quietly on my bed before I turn in for the night. But just recently I find I have to move around the room just to get a signal so I have to admit that I have given up before I throw the wretched laptop out of the window.
This post is being done down stairs as I have tried every corner of my room and it is just not playing ball.
Anyway this is one of the cards that the ladies made at Lavender Lane yesterday.

I was teaching them a multiple resist technique with versamark and dye based ink pads. In the afternoon we made shaped cards using the Nestabilities.Everyone seemed to enjoy themselves even with the minor drama towards the end of the class - my faithful heat gun burst into flames!!!!!
I'm not kidding you girls flames were leaping out of it even though it was switched off.
My two year old Grandson Ciaran , who is an avid follower of Fireman Sam and is often heard to yell 'Call for Fireman Sam there's a fire' would have been very proud of me.
I remained calm, unplugged the heat gun and put it outside the shop on the pavement.
It was a good job the class was nearly at an end as the room was a little smelly after that but at least everyone was OK.

As you can see the Hobby Art flowers sneaked in there again - I do love them they are just so useful.
Maybe I will manage another post later, then again my laptop may find it's way on to the pavement - outside my window lol.
Have a good evening.
Happy Stamping, if you get the chance, and thanks for looking in.
Love Kimx


  1. Hi kim
    fabulous card. thats the 2nd heat gun I have heard of bursting into flames.
    hope you are ok.
    hugs chris xx

  2. I'm fine thanks Chris. It was my old faithful white hairdryer type heat gun. I much prefer that type and it has served me very well. It must be a good few years old now.
    Glad you liked the card.
    Love Kimx

  3. Remained Calm? You might have been but Linda and I had already planned our exit out of the loo window! LOL. We may do our tutorials by way of text in future. 'Elf and safety an' all that. It was a great day at Lavender Lane and Linda loved her first lesson in crafting. Speak soon. x


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