Thursday, 30 May 2019

Circles Everywhere with the Bokeh Technique.

Hi All,
Well that's it on the Bank Holiday front for a couple of months. Did you have a good one?
I spent it finishing off Christmas card samples for the next Woodware release from Creative Expressions. I would say that that is me finished with Christmas for a while, but as we are playing with Watercolour Pearlex in class on Saturday I doubt that is the case. Pearlex always screams Christmas cards to me with all of that lovely sparkle.
One of the only advantages to a 2 hour train journey to visit the littlest grandchildren, apart from my weekly Costa Coffee of course, is the time that I get to trawl through YouTube looking for new things for the Girls to do in class on a Saturday.
I am a great admirer of Jennifer McGuire. She is currently my go to place for crafty inspiration. Not only does she give brilliant step by step instructions, but most importantly she also makes everything up into finished cards so there is always bucket loads of inspiration.
Last Saturday we played with the Bokeh Technique.
I did find it on Youtube, even if it wasn't on Jennifer's feed.
Everyone had a fabulous time, and all came up with some amazing colour combos.
I love teaching, and I can honestly say that I am always learning from everyone that comes along to a class.
It always amazes me how many different backgrounds people can come up with even when we are all working with the same colour palette.
I showed the Girls how to create an inked background for the 'Bokeh Bubbles' to be added to.
One way to create the background is by sponging colour onto cardstock,
while another way of creating a colourful background to work on is by using inks and plenty of water.
I'm not sure which I like the best, but I do know that I will definitely be using this technique again and again.
I have been trying very hard to keep up with the instructional tag book that I started with the Girls a couple of years ago.
It started after a techniques class that I did at SirStampalot a few years ago. I try to write an instruction tag for each class to which they can attach a piece of art work. That way when they want to be reminded of how they did a particular technique they have an instant reminder and written instructions.
In fact, on that note, I had better get my instructions ready for Saturdays class on Painting with Pearlex. Or maybe I had better get to bed and write instructions tomorrow.
Night, night.
Hugs Kimx

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  1. I think great minds must think alike Kim as I made a Masterboard recently with the same Bokeh technique to make ATCs. This collection of cards has made me think I need to use the technique even more. Wishing you a lovely crafty weekend, Angela xXx


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