Monday, 1 August 2016

Birthday Party for a Little Lady (warning picture heavy post)

Afternoon Everyone,
I hope that you all had a wonderful weekend.
We had a great time celebrating at Emma's 1st birthday party.
She had a very quiet time
on Thursday 28th July which was her actual birthday
although she did enjoy playing with the helium filled balloons.
We had a car full of shopping getting ready for Sundays get together.
And if you look very carefully you can just see a little person who thought that all of those crisps were just too fun not to play with lol.
She is in there, honest.
 And here she is on Sunday, little miss cutie pie,
 having a lovely time with Mummy,
 and Auntie Jenni.
Her cake was a bit of a generational collaboration. Cake, hill and grass by Great Grandma or Granpat as she is affectionately known and fimo everything else by Mummy.
Emma thought that they were brilliant even if Mummy wasn't pleased with her efforts.
These were actually mark 2. She was going to go for third time lucky but time ran out. Personally I think they are fantastic.
We were lucky enough to be able to spend the day outside in the garden as the weather was glorious.
We invaded my Mum's house for the day, although we were very careful to put it all back to normal after all the party guests had gone home.
Emma must have walked miles around the garden with everyone.
She had an amazing time, but wouldn't give in for any more than a very short power nap in the late afternoon so she must have been exhausted by the time she got to bed.
Now I had better, catch up on a few things after my hectic weekend.
I've had my little power nap, so it's back to the craft room.
Hugs Kimx

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