Tuesday, 17 May 2016

A little bit of greenery

Evening Everyone
Yesterday has got to be a fluke, two posts in one day, unheard of for me.
I even managed to get back to the gym yesterday, so maybe things are looking up. I'd better not speak too soon though.
More exercise today as I took Emma home, and we went to visit my Mum which means a 3 mile walk from the station.
Now Emma is crawling she makes a beeline for Mum's horse brass which are just at her height.
Mum doesn't seem to mind, it's another generation to play with them just as we used to as kids.
 It was definitely not as hot as it has been recently for which I am rather grateful,
 but everywhere seemed so green and lush even though we haven't had too much rain over the last week.
 I stopped to take loads of pictures along the way.
I'm really quite pleased with them given that they were taken on my phone.
There were rather a lot of them so I won't bore you with them all.
I hope that I might actually get down to some crafting tomorrow, not that I haven't enjoyed my Emma sitting you understand, but I am starting to get crafting withdrawal symptoms.
hugs Kimx

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