Tuesday, 1 September 2015

Emma meet Adam

Evening Everyone,
Another miserable day weather wise, I do hope that it brightens up a little bit some time soon.
As you know, yesterday would have been my son Adams' birthday. I was coping reasonably well until my daughter sent me this fabulous photo of my Granddaughter Emma, complete with message.

'Mummy's been telling me all about Uncle Adam. 
We r thinking about him and u today. Love you very much xxx'

Not that I am complaining you understand, it just tugged rather hard on the heart strings and got the tears flowing.
It is so lovely to think that all of the Grandchildren are growing up knowing and talking about their Uncle Adam even though only Megan ever met him and she was too young to remember.
Hugs Kimx

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  1. Ah, wonderful for them to learn about him. Congratulation on your beautiful grandchildren.


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