Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Take Three Girls and a washing machine

Evening All
What is it with us (my household that is) and technology?
Do not ask us to do a self clean cycle on anything, at this rate we might become those awful neighbours that you see on the TV who’s house needs to be fumigated lol.
Long story short - the washing machine broke down just after the kids got back off holiday, couldn’t be fixed, new one arrived today.
We follow the instructions in the manual which tells you to put it on a cleaning cycle with detergent in it and I get back from work to find my daughter with the phone in one hand and a large bath towel in the other trying to stop the flood of water and soap suds that is billowing out of the front of the brand new machine !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Customer services (that's a laugh) says we shouldn’t have put the detergent in like the manual told us because IT HAS A MISTAKE PRINTED IN IT!!!!
There is a room full of small children so both my daughter and I are trying not to use too many expletives when talking to the condescending d… h… on the other end of the line.
I begin to think that we might have to get an old sink and a mangle in the back garden, what can possibly go wrong with that.
Don’t answer lol.
It seems that we have managed to sort it out, although it is in danger of walking across the kitchen when it is on a spin cycle!!
I don't think that I will touch anything mechanical tonight, just in case, so here is a card that I made a while ago using Barbara's Girlie stamps.
The green background panel has been made using the Dye Based Multiple Resist technique that I was teaching on Saturday at Davina's.
The three girls have been inked using similar colours of Pigment Ink.
I have then 'Kissed them' together with the tree stamp to remove some of the ink before stamping them onto white card stock. I also added some tiny black dots around the edges of the images.
The other background papers and ribbon are from my stash, as is the Card Candi.
I think I will get a very early night and start fresh tomorrow, am I safe in the kitchen though.
Perhaps a take away is the order of the day. Where is the Curry House menu?
Have a safe evening.
hugs Kimx

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  1. I so sympathise - especially about the atrocious service from the shop if anything goes wrong! (Curry's refused to plumb in my washing machine because the junction was "too old", my lovely plumber said they were talking bullsh- I mean, rubbish!) I hope it starts behaving itself soon!

    Your card is beautiful, as usual! What lovely greens, so pretty!

    love Mags B x


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