Thursday, 5 April 2012

Super Cool Dudes

Evening all.
No cards tonight as I have been working hard to get my post ready for The Stamp Man challenge which goes live tomorrow. 
I will have to rely on a scheduled post since I will be hard at work in the garage tomorrow until 2pm. 
If past years are anything to go by it will be a steady stream of people buying Easter eggs and food. You would think that shops were never going to open again.
How about this for some super cool dudes,
 and a dudette too lol.
They have been busy all day with Mum so a little bit of chill out time, a good film and a bag of pop corn was definitely the order of the day.
Oh to be young again lol.
Better get back to my post for tomorrow now before I fall asleep.
hugs Kimx


  1. That must have been an interesting film! Lovely photographs. Hope my grandchildren will be as quiet as that when they come for the week-end! Good luck with the Stampman challenge. Happy Easter,

  2. Aww, bless them! They look like they are enjoying themselves!
    Take care
    Debs x

  3. How great to have grandchildren I bet you are so proud of them :)

  4. gorgeous *lol*

    Wish you and you family Happy Easter
    Doreen xx


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