Sunday, 18 July 2010

Redbull and Proplus!!!!!!!!!!

Hi All
Sorry I've been a bad blogger over the last couple of days but I have the best of excuses - THE TWINS ARE 3.
I had every intention of posting on Saturday morning before I went to Lavender Lane, but I went downstairs for a coffee and two excited little people came downstairs and wanted to open prezzies and before I knew it I had to have my shower or I would have turned up to class in my PJ's lol.
When I got home they were still on a high - how wonderful to be three with not a care in the world.
We had a BBQ and then before we know where we were I was falling asleep at the computer so no post at all !!
Today has also been very busy with a trip to Manic Monsters with about a dozen kids all under 10. It was actually much easier than it sounds. Manic Monsters is this large indoor play area with ball pools, slides, go-carts and all sorts of safe areas for the kids to play. For a fee they also provide lunch as well so we were able to sit and keep an eye on everyone and not have to worry about getting the party food ready - very civilized.
I was even dragged onto the twisty slide by Saskia who couldn't manage to climb up it by herself, but then proceeded to come down on her own so I just had to follow her!!!!
No photographic evidence thank goodness even though I went on it several times. It was actually quite fun, but don't tell everyone. Grandchildren are a wonderful excuse to behave like a kid.
And now we come to the main reason for the Redbull and Proplus, besides all the kids that is.
He's been at it again. The Phantom Cake Maker has been honing his cake making skills on cakes for the twins.
Ciaran is SOOOO into Fireman Sam. That was the only one of his prezzies that he wanted to play with after he had opened them on Saturday Morning, a fire engine that plays the music from the TV show. Oh and it has a siren as well !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Saskia on the other hand has Pepper Pig as her favourite. I have to say I know nothing about this show yet. I have resisted the temptation to be educated but I can see I'm not going to get away with it for much longer.
I only know about Fireman Sam cause he was around when the girls were young, or was it the minded kids? Anyway even he has changed cause he is now this computer generated show -  Ciaran will not watch the old style shows with the plasticine type figures it's far too old fashioned for him. I like the old style show better, but then I am old I suppose, as the kids are at great pains to point out lol.
Jason made both of the cakes yesterday. But as he wanted to keep them as a surprise for the kids he couldn't get them started till they were in bed, so they didn't get finished till about 2.30am!!!!! Hence the need for the Proplus.
I was dispatched this morning to the garage to buy it while the cars were loaded with kids, cakes, party bags and balloons. Much coffee was also consumed at Manic Monsters so I suspect we may have to haul him down from the ceiling by bedtime he he.
They have all gone out this afternoon so I am finally able to get on with the twins cards - you know me it is rare for anyone to get their card on time.
I have finished Saskia's. Hers was easy - pink and girly, but now I have to get Ciaran's done and that is much more difficult.
I will keep you in suspense a little longer while the silicone dries. Yes there are flowers on it lol.
Hope you have had a good weekend. I certainly have.
Love and hugs

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