Saturday, 24 July 2010

If only Men could spell !!!!!!!!!!!!!

Evening Everyone.
What is it with Grandads and spelling their Grandchildrens names?
An old friend asked me to make a card for his Granddaughter - pink and girly, with her name on it. Should be a doddle.
I asked him to spell it for me as it is not a particularly common name.
When I took it round yesterday, he said how lovely it was, but that there was a Y in it !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I suppose that with 12 children and numerous grandchildren (First Great Grandchild is on its way) it is hardly surprising that he got it wrong but it did give me a few hairy moments as I tried to change it without too much damage to the card.
Why did I get into silicone? It would have been easy with sticky fixers, they always fall off when you don't want them to, but silicone is so much more permanent !!
I think I managed to alter it without too much trouble, although I did have to add an extra panel of background paper to hide where the letters had originally been.
I seem definitely to be going through a cute phase at the moment.
I suppose it has a lot to do with the fact that several of the cards just lately have been ones that I have been asked to make after people have seen the other cute cards that I have done. What ever the reason I have to say that I have been having great fun.
It has been so nice to be able to use what ever I like for a change without having to worry whether or not it can be bought from where I am teaching.
There have been lots of flowers lately as well, and that set of letter has been absolutely invaluable, I just wish I could remember who made it.
I have used a mixture of flowers which I have made, and ones that I have bought, and some more of the stamen. Of course the only trouble with all the flowers is the need for a hand made box to put the card in.
You would be so impressed Gilly I know just how much you love making boxes and envelopes lol.
I have been having a great time today making more cute cards for various people, but I will share them with you as the occasions arise, it will be nice to have some cards to fall back on for the blog.
I think I might call it a night now and get some sleep. Then again.........................
I hope you have all had a great day.
Thanks for stopping by and leaving all the lovely comments, they are so very much appreciated.
Nite nite.
Love Kimx


  1. Fantastic card Kim, love your little story about spelling - it's obviously a man thing, years ago my hubby thought that a famous dog show was spelt gruffs lol!!!!
    Hugz Fleur xXx

  2. I know what you mean about it being a man thing. My Mum always told me that my sister is Tracy without an E because my Dad went and registered the birth - bless him!!
    Glad you liked the card.
    Love Kimx

  3. I did say it wasn't spelt right but it's still not what I had in mind. Fab card Kim. AND a box. A girl after my own heart. x


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