Thursday, 10 June 2010

Oriental Help needed!!!

Evening Everyone.
Thanks for stopping by. I'm sorry I've been posting sporadically lately but I can't seem to get back into the swing of it all.
As you know if you have been following me I usually post my cards from Barbara's TV show as soon as it has aired, and I try to show what I am doing in my classes before they happen, but I am breaking from form tonight because I need some blogging help.
As the problem is Orientally related I thought that I would share a card that I made for a friends birthday which has a folded Kimono on it - nice tie in hey, are you impressed lol.
Now to my probem.
I have set up my blog to e-mail me when ever there is a comment posted. So far so good, this way I can see them immediately and delete anything which may not be appropriate.
And this is where we come to my problem. I have been getting comments left which are oriental in nature but which when opened lead to porn - not what I want to be associated with.
So far I have been able to go onto dashboard and delete them.
And now we come to my latest problem with this. I have had two comments left, I have read them as an e-mail. When I go on to the post for 'It's a man Thing' it tells me that I have 7 comments but when I click on the comment box only 5 show up, I can't see the 2 oriental ones. My friend Anna tells me that she can view them on her computer but I can't on mine which means that I can't delete them.
Where have they gone to and does anyone know how I can find them and get rid of them????????
I have no desire to offend anyone who visits my blog. I look forward to the comments that people leave, lets face it that's half the fun of doing this isn't it, sharing what we have made and hoping that people like it, but I am beginning to dread opening my e-mail in case there is another comment with unsavoury links.I hope that there is someone out there that can lend me a helping hand.
I will try and resume normal service later, perhaps a post containing a Clarity card or maybe a resist card from my Lavender Lane class, who knows, stop by later and check it out.
Thanks for sticking with me while I vented, what is it they say - it's good to talk!!!
Have a good evening.
Love Kimx

PS A close up of the Kimono.

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  1. Hi Kim

    Switch on comment moderation. Go to your dashboard (the B in tp left corner) then click settings. Clck the comments tab then scroll down to comments moderation and click always.

    When someone leaves a comment you can check it first and the chinese ones just reject (you get an option) I get them on nearly every post I make, its a right pain!

    They usually have a line of dots ............ and each dot is a link to a porn site, nasty!


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