Sunday, 6 June 2010

It's a Man Thing...

Well Girls, how have you managed this weekend? Me, I've struggled.
Even thought it hasn't been that sunny today it has still been really hot here and I don't do well in the heat - goodness only knows how I'm going to fair further into the Summer. I won't wish bad weather on all of you but I do hope it doesn't get too hot for my sake.

Anyway this is the card that we will be making on Wednesday evening at Davina's.
It's a Men's card class and I decided that we would make an easel card.
I really am into making them at the moment, they are so easy but so much more fun than your usual flat card.

I've used some background paper that I found, which I think works really well. Note to self though don't use silicone to attach background paper as it shows through lol. Still I think you get the idea.
Must get to bed now, it's back to the grind tomorrow.
Nite, nite
Love Kimx


  1. Love this card Kim and works fab as a easel card.
    louise xx

  2. Oh fabulous card Kim, must hunt out that stamp I've got it somewhere. I find that some silicone have a high water content and found that the silicone from craft creations with orange writing and silicone with blue writing it OK. But anything by do-crafts, stix and there's another one always leaves a water mark.

  3. Hi Debby
    Thanks for the advise. I usually use pinflair, but I had run out so I don't know what I was using lol.
    I will have to try it out with paper for next time. Thanx again love Kimx

  4. Taffy may have to send his dad a card now. Gill x

  5. Hi Kim, I have *finally* found your photo, but don't have an email for you to send it to you, I thought that would be quicker then you can pick it up when you are next with us?


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