Thursday, 8 August 2019

Sending Birthday Wishes and an update.

Hi All,
Long time no see. As you may have noticed, my crafty mojo has been rather intermittent of late.
Do you ever feel like you are going round in circles getting no where fast...………….well that's me at the moment.
I do have occasional flashes, usually inspired by a fabulous class with the Girls on a Saturday.
We've played with bleach, 3D Embossing Folders, Paper Piecing, Inks, and most recently Penny Black Stickeroos and Lili of the Valley digi images.
Of course my usual Friday afternoon trip to see the youngest Grandchildren for a sleepover always picks me up, even if only briefly.
Recently however there have been a couple of rather eventful visits.
The first involved Jack finding out that he can roll over. The problem was that he was on the sofa at the time!!!
As he screamed inconsolably for a good 20mins, we were advised to get him checked out at A&E. As expected he was fine, and we laughed about what would probably be the first of many Friday night visits to the casualty department.
We shouldn't have tempted fate, cause only a couple of weeks later we were back only this time it was an ambulance ride with a really high temperature on the eve of his big sisters 4th birthday.
He could have definitely picked a better moment. With a couple of days on the ward hooked up to an antibiotic drip Mam-ma had to step into the breach on the birthday front.
Birthday breakfast at the local Costa and a shopping spree wasn't quite the same as swimming with Mum and Dad, but it was the best that I could offer.
Unfortunately the buggies were in the boot of the car at the hospital, and as I don't drive myself, my birthday treat turned into a bad back for me from carrying a backpack full of shopping and a small child home from said shopping trip.
I'm sure that Emma enjoyed herself, I'm just thankful that her party had already been scheduled for the following weekend, so at least I didn't have to entertain several small girls for a pamper session.
I finally managed to get Emma's birthday card finished a few days ago. A little bit late I know, but that is me all over I'm afraid as all of my family know.
I was a little more on time with this card, which was made for Emma to give to everyone at Nursery school. I can't believe that she will be starting school in September. Where did those last few years disappear to. Wasn't it only a few months ago that she was born lol.
Let's hope that it isn't quite as long till I manage to share with you again. Although my back is finally beginning to feel a little better I now have a dreadful cold which is making me feel like c..p.
Have a great evening. I'm going to get another early night since I have a 4am start at work tomorrow. Yes I am still at work. I know I'm stupid, but someone has to do it I suppose, and my parents raised me not to let people down.
Happy Crafting and hugs

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