Saturday, 6 February 2016

A busy weekend of babysitting

Evening Everyone,
Well the best laid plans as they say.
I had a post all ready in my head at the end of the week from hell at work, and then the computer and internet took against me as well so I confess that I just gave up.
And there I was doing so well with blogging every day.
As I am currently babysitting Emma this will have to be a 'crafty less' post as well as I have no access to my photographs.
I have been looking after Emma so that Becki can decorate her room so we have done quite a bit of walking........................and shopping both of which Emma seems to enjoy.
She is definitely a people watcher and chatters and giggles her way through the day.
Mum managed to get all the painting done and we have just put up some curtains (only two return trips to get things that actually fit lol) so things are starting to come together.
We just need them to come and clean the carpet and we can move all of her furniture in which will be lovely.
We popped in to see my Mum, and use her cooker (Becki is still managing with just a slow cooker and really fancied a plate of pasta).
As you can see Emma clearly adores her Great Grandma.
We had dinner in the pub, and then went upstairs for ice cream.
It was obviously nice and cold on her poor gums since she is teething at the moment.
More babysitting duties tomorrow, so I had better get to bed.
Night night.
Hugs Kimx

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