Sunday, 19 April 2015

He's my Hero

Evening Everyone
The house is usual very quiet in the morning when I am getting ready for work, so I was a little curious on Friday as to what was going on upstairs in the twins room.
All was revealed as I left the house. My grandson Ciaran peered over the banisters as I opened the door and revealed the reason for the noise.
'A giant spider' was on the wall by his sister Saskia's bed.
Here he is posing with one from Halloween.
Now it is a well known fact that we are all wimps when it comes to spiders in our house. Call for Jason, the kids Dad to deal with them, or splat them if he is not around and it is left to me lol.
Ciaran is now officially my hero as he got a cup and a piece of card and put the spider out of the window.
I shall have to make him a badge - 'Official Spider Catcher'.
My Hero.
Saskia thinks he's kinda cool as well, at least for the moment anyway lol.
Bye for now.

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