Thursday, 29 January 2015

Like something from another planet

Evening All
Well I must admit to being rather relieved when I didn't find 4 inches of snow when I opened the door this morning, although I am not convinced that I will be quite as lucky tomorrow morning.
I arrived at my Mum's at just the right time.
Just as we sat down for a well earned cup of coffee (just over 35 mins for the 3 mile walk to her house from the station) the sky was filled with huge hailstones which quickly turned to snow.
It is amazing how quickly it settled, and although there wasn't too much left by the time I got home they were gritting the paths by the station so unfortunately I'm sure that we are in for lots more.
I always stop off at the local shops on my way to Mum to pick up any last minute bits that she might need.
There is a lovely old fashioned Greengrocer there where I pick up some fabulous fresh fruit and veg. So much nicer than the supermarket.
I just couldn't resist buying this when I saw it on the shelf. Broccoli Romanesco, it looks like something from another planet don't you think.
The greengrocer assures me that it is a cross between a cauliflower and broccoli, and anything you can do with them, you can do with this.
I can't wait to see the reaction I get when I dish it up to the kids at the weekend lol.
I'm sure that I can find some recipes if I look hard enough.
Hugs Kimx

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