Thursday, 19 September 2013

Revisiting Bleach

Hi All
Remind me not to go visiting people (my Mum) without phoning first as this will save the feeling of panic when I let myself in (I have my own key in case of emergencies) and the place resembles the Marie Celeste. The lights are on, and the TV, for the cats!! but no sign of Mother.
Thankfully we didn't find her in a heap on the floor anywhere, and a phone call to my Sister-in-law, who lives just around the corner revealed that Mum had gone for a walk in the rain and drizzle. Not quite as batty as it sounds, she actually had a Doctors appointment, as I discovered when I caught up with her at the surgery.
So panic over, but that will teach me to make sure that I give her a ring before I visit. I had planned to, but time just got away from me, you know how it is.
In fact that is rather what has happened to me again this evening. I'm still trying to get sorted out after my few days away, and I can't finish that properly until Jane drops in my boxes next week.
She had other commitments up north, hence my trip home on the train, but will be bringing my shopping and my work boxes to me on Monday so until then I feel a bit in limbo. I did manage my basic tool kit and guillotines in my suit case, I couldn't be without them, but I can't seem to get back into the swing of things at the moment, isn't it stupid.
On Saturday at Davina's we will be revisiting Bleach as several of the ladies missed it the first time round.
Although the technique itself doesn't really vary, there are always new stamps to use, and so those that have played with it before have indicated that they are more than happy to play again lol.
My card tonight has a little bleach work down the left hand side, so I thought it appropriate to share as a reminder of what we will be doing in class.
It was actually made for one of the Woodware catalogues, and althoughthe card itself  is currently roaming the countryside with the lovely Jane (it's in my boxes in her car), I have the stamp, so I'm sure that people will be able to manage with a couple of photocopies and the rest of the bleach cards that I have in my card stash.
Only one more day till the weekend, although this feels like a very long week even though I have only been at the garage for a couple of days.
Time for bed now, I've had enough of tiding up.
Hugs Kimx

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  1. This is a beautiful card in lovely colours. I really must get round to using bleach on my cards as it gives a great contrast.


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