Saturday, 7 January 2012

Oh What a Lovely Day!!

Evening Everyone,
I have had such a lovely day at our Creatathon.
Jenny at Hobby Art organised a day where several lovely crafty ladies could get together and swap ideas.
I was lucky enough to be amongst the invited gathering which included Jane Gill, Charry Wijers, Alexandra Kamann and Anna Flanders. Unfortunately Paula Pascual was ill and Helen Meighan had a last minute family crisis.
I don't know about a stamp and slim club, this was definitely a stamp and get fat get together.
The table positively growned at lunch time, and we had already had danish pastries with morning coffee. Charry had brought sweeties, Alex a poppy seed cake and Jenny's daughter had made us each a cup cake to bring home.
I made the coffee, I know my place lol.
Made by Charry and Alex.
It wasn't all eating I promise. I showed them all how to create the lovely Faux Mother of Pearl background in the morning and Alex gave us lots of tips and techniques with Copics in the afternoon. Still not my thing but I loved watching what everyone else did.
Made by Alex.
We didn't finish any cards, in fact I have brought Jane's pieces home to finish off for her.
She has been making cards for England, or at least the new Woodware catalogue, just lately and so I offered to mount her pieces of art work to give her a break.
Made by Jenny
Obviously we used Hobby Art stamps, and this one has to be one of my favourites at the moment.
Made by Alex
We have decided that we will try and get together on a regular basis hopefully every couple of months. So next time it will be someone Else's turn to share. I will try and finish off my sample pieces tomorrow if I get the chance.
I think first I had better find a few minutes to hop on the exercise bike and work off some of this food :)
Happy Crafting Everyone.


  1. Glad you had a good day Kim so nice of you to mount someone else work.

  2. That's a beautiful stamp...

    *sigh* it's never going to end is it, this endless appearance of new stamps I MUST have. Good job I don't smoke or drink - I'd never be able to afford it!

  3. Wow - such beautiful work - sounds like a fab day!!! Lucky you!! Cxx

  4. I know what you mean about all the must have stamps. I got a sneek peek of some of the new Hobby Art designs in the pipe line. Better start saving now me thinks.
    Jane told me how she wanted her stamped pieces mounted so it is almost her work lol.
    hugs to all

  5. These are gorgeous, the mother of pearl effect is beautiful!
    Dot x

  6. Hi Kim,
    it was so lovely to meet you and all the other fantastic ladies at Jenny's! I really enjoyed the day and look forward to the next time!
    I also got so inspired by all the talent around me I couldn't stop crafting when I got home *lol* The next couple of cards were already formed in my head when I got in and I've finished the artwork for it last night and this afternoon, now on to mount and finish off :-)

    Lots of love, Alex


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