Sunday, 20 June 2010

Stationery Wallet part 1

Hi All, thanks for stopping by, even if it is very late.
I said I would try and post again today, and here I am true to my word.
I have been working hard over the last couple of evening to finish the Stationery Box that I will be teaching at Davina's on Wednesday evening, and then The Eternal Maker on Saturday.
Ages ago my friend Shaz, the Peel-off Snob (sorry Shaz, I just couldn't resist lol) gave me a beautiful stationery set as a thank you gift.
At the time I thought how nice it was and that it would make a brilliant class.
So this is my interpretation of it. I did check with Shaz first that she wouldn't be offended if I taught it as a class.
I have had to adjust the instructions that I found for it, as they are from America and are therefore in inches. I am an inches Girl in everything but my crafting, all my equipment is in centimetres, so I have spent several hours adapting the box to centimetres.

I have used background paper to help embellish the basic box, and I have stamped and embossed this using a wonderful Swirl stamp from Inkadinkadoo.

This box has a small note book in it but I have also made one which only contains 6 standard cards and then a post-it note block, stamps and address labels. The little tab at the front is for a pen.
In fact I found myself getting quite carried away with all the different adaptations I came up with.

The class at Davina's is being held over two consecutive weeks, as there is just too much to do in one class and as it is held in the evening I couldn't really extend it for an extra couple of hours, I do need some sleep you know lol.
I haven't made the cards to go inside it yet as this will be what they make on the second evening, but I will have to get to work on them tomorrow as the class on Saturday is an all day one so they will need some examples to copy.
The thing I need to do first though is type up the instructions. I think this is one class that definitely needs a crib sheet!!
You never know I might even get brave and organise a tutorial. It would have to be a step by step one, not video, but maybe someone would be interested.
Anyway must get to bed now, it's back to the real world tomorrow, up at 5am for work!!!
Hope you have all had a good weekend, it's never long enough is it.
Nite, nite.
Love Kimx


  1. Wow Kim, this really is lovely. Everything is perfect A gorgeous gift.
    Hugz Fleur xXx

  2. Ive been following you blog for a while and excitedly look every day for your fantastic creations. You have a skill i can only wish for. Keep up the lovely work.
    My daughters record create and craft for me as im living in Dubai, so i was delighted after a long internet search to find you here
    thank you for the inspiration to carry on crafting

  3. Hello Wendy, thank you so much for your lovely comments. It really does make all the hard work worth while when someone takes the time to say such nice things.
    Now I know who my hit from Dubai is. Hope you continue to enjoy my work.
    Love and hugs Kimx

  4. Wow kim love the stationary box and love the colours you have chose too.
    louise xx


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