Sunday, 18 April 2010

Cracked Glass Trees

Good Afternoon Everyone.
Who knew how useful babysitting the Grandchildren could be. We have cleaned and tidied and gone shopping - its amazing what the promise of a burger out can get little ones to do lol.
I am now sitting 'cinema style' in the front room watching Mulan. I just love that film, it's music is fantastic and what an excuse to watch it - I just HAD to cause the kids wanted it on!!!!
I had hoped to get a couple more cards finished from the peel-off class yesterday but small children and crafting don't really mix so Mulan won.Instead I will share the 'Cracked Glass' card that I showed everyone yesterday in the UTEE class. The nestie panel has been stamped, embossed and watercoloured and then several layers of UTEE have been added. Once it has cooled (putting it into the fridge or better still the freezer will speed this up) you can crack it. Be brave, the effect is lovely. Smudge brown ink over the entire panel and wipe off the excess. The ink settles into the cracks and gives it a wonderful aged look.
I am obviously going to have to brush up on my linguistic skills. As well as adding a clustrmap to my blog with the help of Gilly, I now also have a Geocounter.
I have always wanted to add something like this so that I could see where in the world people were visiting me from and I have to say that it has proved to be absolutely fascinating. I have set it up to e-mail me whenever there is a visit from a new city and I find opening e-mails has never been so exciting. Only today I have had a visit from someone in Russia - how cool is that!!
I so wish that I had set it up right at the start, but this blogging thing is definitely a learning experience, and I have learnt that you are definitely never too old to learn.
Anyway I had better get back to Mulan, my favourite song is on.
Hope you get some crafting done, I may do when everyone is in bed.
Love and hugs
Добрый вечер


  1. Хорошо сделанный
    Gill x

  2. Smarty pants!!
    Had a visitor from Dubai now!!
    Have a great holiday. When are you back?
    Hugs Kimx


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