Monday, 29 December 2014

Is it cold enough for you?

Evening Everyone,
Of all of the days for the heating to breakdown at work today was not a good one. I have been frozen all day. Now I know that there are lots of you that will say what about all of those poor people that work outside. Well when you do you have an anticipation of being cold, you don't when you work inside!!
They finally came to fix the heating just as I was leaving, so I'm hoping that tomorrow will be a little bit warmer. I'm not sure that I could wear any more layers without looking like the Michelin Man lol.
We have been lucky enough not to have had any snow yet, but I thought that it would be the ideal opportunity to share a few of the Christmas cards that I sent this year.
They all use Resist as the main element on the card, and have all been made using pieces that I found in my Christmas Bits Box.
The first three cards also have sponged dye based inks on them, and bleach has been used to paint part of the image to remove some of the colour.
I kept the central panel on this card very plain so that the background showed up.
I've just about warmed up now, but my bed is calling so I am going to give in and answer.
Night night.
hugs Kimx

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  1. These are all so gorgeous Kim! I love the amazing way that you blend colours together, just stunning! Thank you for the wonderful card you sent me! It has taken it's rightful place on my display shelf for all to see! Wishing you the best for the new year! hugs :)


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