Thursday, 10 July 2014

Up and Away with the Hobby Art Blog

Evening Everyone,
I posted for the first time on the Hobby Art blog today, and boy was it a feat. 
As I was going to be out with friends today I thought that I would be smart and get my post ready a day early. 
Wow, not as easy as I thought, I couldn't even find where to start. I ended up having to get advice from the Design Team on Facebook at the same time as trying to write the post. Multitasking, how cool am I !!!
hobby art 04I decided to share the card that I made using the Hot Air Balloon from the new Hobby Art Vintage set.hobby art 05The balloon has been stamped and embossed onto watercolour card stock and then painted using Distress inks and the ‘Wet Watercolour Technique’.hobby art 07I fussy cut it out and added it to the background panel using silicon, one of my favourite accessories, I get through loads of the stuff.
The background to the card has been made using glossy card stock, Versamark ink and Distress inks to create a resist image.
This really is like magic painting for grown ups and is a fabulously easy way to create a background.
It is also a great way of using lots of stamps all at once without the card looking overloaded with images.hobby art 06I have used a strip of acetate to add my sentiment to the card as glossy card stock can be a little difficult to stamp on to.
Yes I know acetate is slippery too, but it is also cheap and any art work will show through, so if all else fails and the stamping goes wrong you can always throw it away and try again without having to remake your entire piece of artwork.
It is also a great way to hide a mistake if your stamping is not up to par.The acetate on this very card actually hides the fact that my stamped sentiment went a little wrong, but you would never know unless I told you!!
I managed to teach the Guys at Hobby Art a thing or two with my forward blog planning. 
More by luck than by judgement I found out how to do a scheduled post on the blog, something that they hadn't worked out yet. (They don't use Blogger which is what I'm used to)
It was a nice feeling to think that I had helped out even when I am rubbish with a computer.
I've offered to do another post for them later in the month, but hopefully that will be a little easier to work out now I at least have a vague idea of what I am doing.
Hugs Kimx 

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