Tuesday, 28 January 2014

And tonight's leftovers.........

Hi All
Tonight I am continuing with my crusade to finish off some of the 'leftovers' from classes and demos.
It is amazing just how many similar looking pieces you end up with when you  have been teaching and demoing for as long as I have. And of course being the hoarder that I am they are all way too good, or potentially useful to be thrown away, and so another box gets filled!!
Now don't get me wrong, I do have the occasional purge, where the Grandchildren get a bag full of bits for their 'cutting and sticking', but the boxes still never seem to get emptied.
So I have decided that this year I am going to make a concerted effort to empty these boxes out at least a little bit.
Now I didn't say that I wouldn't stamp anything new, just that I would try to use up leftover bits and pieces first before I reach for anything new. Of course it hasn't stopped me buying things, I'm afraid that I am definitely an addict when it comes to my stamping stash. And please don't even think about sending me to rehab, I'm way past saving, and I don't think I want to be cured anyway. At least it keeps me sane lol.
So although the leaf panels (Penny Black) on both of these cards are from my stash, the fabulous background (Hero Arts) has been stamped, embossed and coloured using one of my newly acquired purchases.
And remember how I told you that a piece of vellum can hide a badly stamped greeting, well here is another one of those 'rescue moments'.
As you can see from the opening photo I still have several more pieces to finish, but at least I have made a start. How about you, how are your leftovers?
Hugs and happy crafting

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  1. My leftover box is getting there, I have positioned it so i have to go past it to get tot he new cardstock. I was so sad I now have it in colours on the box which makes it easier to find the bit I know is in there somewhere. Even daughter is looking through it before getting a new sheet :) Love you cards they always looks so elegant


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