Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Just to say Hi

Evening All
Well I have managed to get through the day without any major disasters involving liquid, which is quite an achievement after the weekend!!
I am really not to be trusted with water having first flooded the bathroom (the power shower head twisted round as soon as it was switched on and covered the wall at the other end of the bathroom with water which caused me to have to paddle to the door) and then at breakfast I sat on the edge of the tablecloth and slopped coffee all over the table!!!
At least the rest of the weekend went better, and I managed to get home unscathed. I can’t believe how tired I am though, my Granny nap nearly carried on till bedtime lol.
So just a quick post tonight before I fall asleep again.
 This is another of the cards that I made for a Woodware catalogue.
Once again it uses stamps designed by the lovely Jane Gill and products available from Woodware.
Off to bed before I fall asleep again.
hugs Kimx


  1. Oh dear, what a chapter of disasters...

    The card, however, is fabulous!
    Alison x

  2. Lovely card i love clear resist :)


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