Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Sorry I've been MIA....

Evening Everyone,
Well there goes my attempt to blog every day this year!!
I'm sorry that I have been MIA but you know me and technology.
I have been away from home for a few days with lots of wonderful Crafting Buddies at the Woodware Retailers workshops. They included Fran from Stampendous, Lynell from Dreamweaver, Jane Gill, Francoise Read, Dorothy and not forgetting Judith, the owner of Woodware.
Of course we have been incredibly busy so there hasn't really been any time to blog during the day, and then come the evening I just could not get logged on, so that as they say was the end of that.
On the last leg of our journey to Thame, where the workshops were being held, we met up with Dorothy from Woodwear at A Maze of Memories.
Now those of you that follow the Woodware challenges, and shame on you if you don't cause the DT come up with some fabulous ideas, will know that the Ladies from AMOM are always joining in, so it was lovely to finally get to meet some of them in the flesh.
The store is a veritable treasure trove of supplies, and of course I just had to make a few purchases.
Well it would be rude not to don't you think lol.
They also have this amazing classroom area which we were all extremely jealous of.
We were greeted with Tea and a slice of Gingerbread which was extremely welcome, and ended up having to sustain us until very late as we spent the next several hours after our visit, setting up the Hall at Thame for the workshops the following day.
After set up was finally complete we made a mad dash to The Six Bells pub right near the Hall,  but only just made it before the kitchens closed so you can tell how late we were.
I'm hoping that next weekend will be slightly less frantic since we are travelling up to Skipton on the Friday, and I know what I am doing this time, which is always a bonus.
I also get to see the Woodware Warehouse, so I will be a bit like a kid in a sweetie shop. I'm told they even have a shopping trolly. I wonder if they got that especially for me lol.
The Thame workshops were all a little nerve racking for me since I was there to learn the classes so that I can teach them in Grassington.
Not all of them you understand.
The lovely Stephanie who was there representing Clearsnap is unable to stay for the Grassington dates so I was thrilled to be asked if I would step in and take her place.
I feel much happier now I know what is expected of me, the fear of the unknown is always terrifying isn't it.
Anyway I need to get an early night tonight as I have a couple of days work at the garage before we set out for Skipton, and I have so much to catch up on.
I doubt that I will get the chance to check out any of the blogs, let alone enter the challenges, or leave any comments, but I'll be back, as Arnie would say, so for now its Goodnight from Me.
Hugs Kimx


  1. That was such a fab weekend, wasn't it? And here's to The Six Bells lol! Good luck in Woodware warehouse - just remember, get only what you can fit in the trolley otherwise...well, if you have a lorry on standby that's ok! Good luck in Grassington, I'm sure you'll do just fab :) xx

  2. Sounds like you are having fun x

  3. How did this last weekend go Kim?

    Sorry I haven't been around your blog in such a long time, but hopefully now that I am finally settled in my new home that will all change.

    Thanks for supporting the team so brilliantly.

    Lin xx

    PS Love how you are trying to convince us above that you made a mad dash to the pub for the kitchen!!!!! Yeah Right LMAO

  4. Hi Kim!
    Its Samantha here I was on the Grassington day, I was the one that was struggling with the noise made by cleaning the magic foams! haha!
    I REALLY enjoyed your 2 workshops and thought now I have had time to catch up, come say hi!
    I have added myself as a follower too! so hope to stop by sometimes xx


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