Sunday, 22 July 2012

A Wedding Acceptance do over

Evening Everyone,
Did you experience that strange phenomenon in your neck of the woods today?
You know that strange yellow ball of light in the sky that actually made things feel quite warm?
You know......sunshine, surely you can't have completely forgotten what it looks like lol.
It was lovely to have the doors and windows open for a change,even if I was chained to my craft room as usual.
And why is she posting this card again you may be asking yourself.
Well that would be because I had to remake it. Not something I like doing.
Having turned her car upside down Lorraine failed to find the original, so I had to do a 'do over'.
I am hoping that by now this one has safely arrived, I certainly don't want to have to make it a third time.
I have been working on the card for the wedding this weekend, I just need to run a couple of things past Lorraine before I finish it, and then I think I shall hang on to it until the day.
Just in case, you understand :O)
Night night.
Hugs Kimx

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