Saturday, 2 July 2011

Make and Take at Royal Russell School

Evening Everyone,
Normal service, and noise levels, have now been resumed at our house, the family are back from their holiday. The grandchildren look as if they grew several inches while they were away and some how seem so much more grown up. What a difference a fortnight makes lol!
I hope that the cat won't feel so lonely now and that the stream of presents she left for me will cease. The final tally was 5 mice, 1 blue tit, 2 newts and a slow worm!!!!
After my road trip yesterday to drop off Barbara's cards for tomorrows TV show (don't forget Create and Craft channel 671 10am - 12pm and 3pm - 4pm) I have spent today getting ready for the Craft Show at the Royal Russell school tomorrow between 1pm and 5pm.
It's amazing how long it takes to get four Make and Takes prepped, but I have managed to get finished before midnight so that's a result.
I am running four different mini classes over the course of the afternoon. The first one is Black and White with a hint of Colour at 1.15 - 2pm.
The second is Pearlex and Bleach at 2.15pm - 3pm.
The third class is Sepia using tea and coffee from 3.15 - 4pm.
I've made two samples for this class each using a different Poppy stamp.
The final class from 4.15 - 5pm is Sponging and Bleach and once again I have made two different samples for them to copy.
I find it very hard to prepare for a Make and Take as my classes usually tend not to follow one specific card idea but rather a technique which they have the chance to play with over the course of the class.
Still, we have decided that we will run these as full classes over the next couple of months at Davina's (Stampcraft Cards in Purley)
When we run the extended classes I will make sure that at least some of the cards have a Christmas theme but the techniques will be the same. I'm sure by then that there will be some lovely new Christmas designs out for me to play with.
I expect you will have noticed that all of tomorrows classes use Hobby Art stamps.
What's that old saying - It's not what you know but who you know!
Well I know Jenny at Hobby Art, and she has been kind enough to lend me stamps to use tomorrow.
So thank you Jenny for your help, I will let you know how we get on.
If you get the chance do pop along and see me. There are lots of handmade crafts for sale and of course some lovely Make and Takes with me :)
Hope to see you tomorrow.
Love and hugs

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  1. These are all really beautiful card Kim, I love them all. Have fun tomorrow. Jo x


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