Wednesday, 22 December 2010

We Three Kings

Evening Everyone
I'm fed up with being in bed shivering, so I thought that I would share a card that I had to make for Beverley at work before we all got lost under several inches of snow.
Getting it to her has been a bit of an issue since she has been on holiday. In fact I'm not even sure that she has been able to pick it up from a mutual friend yet, but at least I got it made in time.
She wanted a traditional image since it is for her Pastor but does like the easel cards and flowers that I have made for her in the past so I hope that it fits the bill.
That's enough sitting up for the moment. The doctor has given me antibiotics as the cough has gone on for so long so I will have to venture out tomorrow to fill the prescription.
Have a good evening, I'm off to my bed again - bored with this now, just like the snow lol.
Love and hugs

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