Wednesday, 22 December 2010

Holly berries

Hi All
I don't know what the weather is like in your neck of the woods, but we still have several inches of snow here. I have to say that I am very bored with it now.
I have had a persistent cough for the last few weeks, since we had the first lot of snow. It has now got so bad that I am writing this in bed when I should really be at work. I can barely stand up and am shivering all the time even though the house is lovely and warm. In fact I am off to the doctors this afternoon. Those of you that know me will know that it has to be bad for me to do that - I don't do doctors or pills.
Anyway that's enough about me. Here are a few more of the Christmas cards that I made this year.
They are all made with some bits from my sticky embossing folder. These were bits from a class that I taught many years ago so I'm afraid I have absolutely no idea of what the stamp is, I just know that I really like it.
This Martha Stewart punch has to be one of my favourites for Christmas cards as well. The greetings are Hobby Art.
I have cut around the main image on this one and mounted it over another piece of blue card stock. I've also added my trusty Magnolia swirl stamp in the background.
This one also has the Magnolia swirl in the background.
I'm afraid the photos are not the best but with all the snow its difficult to take them outside so I have had to use the Christmas tree as a background instead.
Just a quick post, I have to lie down again!!!
Hope you are all well
Love and hugs


  1. Hi!Kim,bless your heart.x.
    It is such a nasty bug,Soph and George have both had it for over a week-just rotten this time of year.
    Your cards are very lovely(the swirl looks very yummy :),love the sparkle on the first one too.
    Hope you feel better soon Kim and get to enjoy Christmas with your family.
    big hug,you take care.
    ***** Merry Christmas *****

  2. Hi Kim

    First thanks for your kind words, it will be a difficult time for you as well.

    I always thought cold weather killed off the nasty bugs, so what's gone wrong this year because every other person seems to have one.

    Have a good Christmas with your family - double you will need the alarm clock Saturday.

    B x


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