Tuesday, 17 November 2009

What a busy week!

Well I've had a really busy few days so this is my first opportunity to post.
Wednesdays class at Davina's went really well. It was a very small class which is lovely, although not so good for the shopkeeper I know. The girls thoroughly enjoyed themselves and we are going to do the cards as a separate class in the New Year.
On Thursday I received a parcel from Barbara Gray. Thats Clarity Stamps Barbara Gray for those of you that don't know.
I had chatted to her when we were at Port Sunny in October and she had asked me if I might do some samples for her next TV show, and now here were the stamps.
I didn't manage to make contact with her till Friday late afternoon, only one complication she needed the samples by today!(Thurs 19th)
Easy you might think. Only trouble was I had the Waterfall class for Lavender Lane on Saturday to finish, then a Quick and Easy Christmas card class to prep for Davina so that she could have the samples early before I could even think about samples for Barbara. No pressure then!!
So the weekend was a bit of a blur of furious cardmaking activity.

I can share some pictures of the Christmas Waterfall card with you but in my haste to get the cards to Davina I forgot to photograph them , so I will have to share them with you after the class next week.
I managed to get a few more than the 3 cards that Barbara had asked for finished but not until Tuesday evening. I was in a bit of a panic about getting them to her in time given the nature of the British Postal system at the moment, so I enlisted the help of my next door neighbour who very kindly drove me to Barbara to deliver the cards in person.
In case you were wondering, those of you that don't know me, I don't drive and I had no idea of where Barbara lived in relation to the nearest train station. Glad I didn't try to get there by train as she lives miles from anywhere way out in the sticks!! It was lovely to see her, even if only briefly.
I have been a member of her monthly Stamp club for years and she always puts in a lovely newsletter which often describes her surroundings. It will be so nice next time to be able to picture exactly what she is talking about.
I am sworn to secrecy over the show so I will let you see the cards after it has aired this Sunday 22nd on Create and Craft (Channel 671)
I am going to see Jenny and Chris at Hobby Art tomorrow so I'm hoping that there may be some new designs for me to play with soon.
I'd better get on now. I don't seem to have sent out any Birthday cards again this month. All this play for other people is great fun but there never seem to be enough hours in the day to make things for me, and Christmas is just round the corner......again. Where has yet another year gone to!!
Good Night

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